As society continues to make progress towards a post-covid lifestyle, many are optimistic that with a robust economy it may be time to consider owning their own home-based franchise business.  As an industry, franchise ownership is growing at an impressive rate. In its 2020 report, The International Franchise Association forecasted a 2.8% growth in franchise ownership in the U.S. by adding 232,000 jobs, in 2020 alone. Although Covid-19 may have slowed this growth a bit, our strong economy today is encouraging. While there are a multitude of franchise opportunities available, one of the most popular franchise industries today is the home improvement category.  Let’s take a look at some various home improvement business ideas that will help as you explore what could be an exciting next step in your career.

Some of the most popular franchise opportunities are in the home improvement category. Explore which options could be an exciting next step in your career.

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Deciding on the right home improvement franchise requires careful exploration. This usually includes considerations such as, “can I operate my home improvement franchise from home?” And, ”which types of home improvement franchises are less expensive?” Here are several home improvement franchise ideas that allow you to have low overhead and initial upfront investment, with the flexibility that comes with owning a home-based business:

  • Floor Installation– Every home needs floors, and that’s where floor installation comes in, making it a good home-based business idea that promises strong earnings and growth potential. $48 billion is spent annually within the home floor installation industry and this figure is expected to grow year over year for the next several years. With homeowners spending more to upgrade their homes and existing flooring, investing in a franchise that specializes in flooring can be profitable. Floor-replacement projects can be labor-intensive, but potentially lucrative, and many flooring franchises provide floor-refinishing services for additional revenue potential.


  • Faux painting– Due to its complexity and unique characteristics, faux painting businesses generally attract mid to upscale homeowners, and those who seize this home-based business opportunity can end up earning significantly more compared to a conventional home-interior painting business. A faux-painting service, or decorative painting service, usually focuses on a few unique coverage techniques, including marbleizing (with glaze), Trompe l’oeil, and rag painting. An apprenticeship in faux painting helps but isn’t necessary, and the cost to entry in this specialized interior painting service is less than many other home-based franchises.


  • Kitchen and bath renovation– Due to the recent pandemic, more homeowners are working from home than ever, and looking to updating and renovating two of the most important living spaces in their homes- kitchens and bathrooms. This home improvement category continues to thrive, with no sign of slowing down. Kitchen and bathroom remodeling franchises offer a low-cost way to own your own home-based business, and many franchises offer remodeling services for both kitchen and bathrooms, which can add significantly more to your bottom line.


  • Custom garage organization– Frequently, garages are a neglected, messy space that ends up as the final resting place for every household item that doesn’t have a home. The popularity of new custom garage organization systems has changed all this. From garage wall storage systems to shelving, to custom garage cabinets, a custom garage organizing system maximizes space and gives everything a place. Through a personalized blend of overhead units, bike racks, tool benches and other components, homeowners can optimize the space in their garage and get at least one of their automobiles inside. For someone who is exploring ideas on home improvement opportunities that include home-base franchising, there are several garage organization franchises available with affordable, low cost investment requirements.


  • Decorative concrete– With so much positive momentum in the remodeling industry, including within the exterior category, many with an entrepreneurial mindset who have dreams of owning their own home-based business are exploring the advantages of investing in a decorative concrete franchise. Decorative concrete allows a homeowner to instantly enhance their home’s curb appeal and market value, and today’s advanced technology with stamps that authenticate the look of real stone, stains, finishes, and application techniques, makes decorative concrete more affordable than ever. And there’s good news for prospective franchisees too, since many of these franchises provide a low up-front investment to the franchisee.

These are just some of the popular home service franchise businesses that are offering home-based, low-cost entry, and that may be just what prospective business owners are looking for to get started on a path to greater income potential and overall job security. In addition, these home improvement franchise opportunities offer many benefits that beginning a business from the ground up may not. From extensive training and support from the franchisor, to working with a proven and successful business system, to financing and the ability to leverage an established, national brand- franchising is a win-win when it comes to becoming your own boss.

See why now is the perfect time to explore the benefits of owning a home improvement franchise.

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