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1 Nov. 2023

Franchise Research: All Inclusive Guide to the Best Opportunities

By |November 1st, 2023|Franchise Opportunities|

For many aspiring entrepreneurs, the path to business ownership leads to franchising. It's a compelling choice, given the proven business model and operational support that reputable franchisors provide. But not every franchise is a good investment. Some companies are better than others, and even a great opportunity might not be the right one for you. [...]

27 Oct. 2023

History of Franchising: When and How It All Began

By |October 27th, 2023|Franchise Opportunities|

History of Franchising: When and How It All Began The dream of entrepreneurship, of being your own boss and shaping your destiny, has always been a powerful one. Franchising, in particular, holds a unique appeal. It combines the excitement of entrepreneurship with a proven system, established brand recognition, and ongoing support. To truly appreciate the [...]

19 Oct. 2023

Award-Winning Franchise: A Look into Home Franchise Concepts’ Big Wins

By |October 19th, 2023|Franchise Opportunities|

Award-Winning Franchise: A Look into Home Franchise Concepts' Big Wins When you're considering investing in a franchise, one of the key factors you should weigh is the franchise's track record and reputation. After all, you want your hard-earned money to be invested wisely. That's where awards come into play. They serve as a powerful indicator [...]

28 Sep. 2023

Evaluating a Franchise Opportunity in 7 Steps

By |September 28th, 2023|Franchise Opportunities|

Considering the leap into entrepreneurship? Dreaming of being your own boss? The world of franchising offers a remarkable gateway into making that dream a reality. With so many opportunities available, it's crucial to be well-informed when selecting a franchise. Properly evaluating a franchise opportunity does more than let you know if it’s a good investment [...]

27 Aug. 2023

Franchising Statistics: What’s the Rate of Success?

By |August 27th, 2023|Franchise Opportunities|

If you’re thinking about franchise ownership as a way to make a better life for yourself, you’ve likely been researching franchise success statistics. What makes a franchise successful? What percentage of franchises fail? These are questions we discuss with potential franchisees at Home Franchise Concepts, and we have some insight to share with you when [...]

22 Jul. 2023

Painting Franchises: Are They Profitable?

By |July 22nd, 2023|Franchise Opportunities|

While the pandemic was a tough time for many businesses, it actually had a positive impact on the home improvement industry. Homeowners began spending more time in their houses due to lockdowns and restrictions, and many decided they needed more comfortable, functional, and esthetically pleasing environments. Some remodeled, some redecorated, and some simply painted. According [...]