The home services industry is experiencing rapid growth. In 2021, the market was valued at $370.86 million, and it’s projected to reach an estimated $1,826.85 million by 2030 – experiencing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21.14% from now until the end of the forecast period. With all of this anticipated expansion, entrepreneurs considering investing in the home services industry should move quickly to capitalize on a strong market.

Additionally, the home services industry offers a lot of opportunity. Potential franchisees can find brands that specialize in almost any type of home service including remodeling, repair, restoration, landscaping, painting, window cleaning, and more. With so much to choose from, it can be overwhelming to find the best fit for you and your portfolio.

Learn the pros and cons of investing in window cleaning franchises and what other home services franchises may be a better investment.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Window Cleaning Franchises

Like most investments, window washing franchises have their advantages and disadvantages. Below are some of the top factors to consider when determining if this type of franchise is right for you:

Pros of owning a window cleaning business:

  • Low startup costs: Generally, window washing businesses require a smaller upfront investment compared to other franchise opportunities. It’s possible to start running your business with minimal supplies, a branded vehicle, and a home office.
  • Simple operations: The business model is straightforward, making it easier to manage. You don’t need a physical storefront, and the services offered are simple, reducing training requirements and operational complexities.
  • Flexible scheduling: As the business owner, you’re able to make your own schedule. Plus, depending on the number of customers you have, window washing can be a part-time gig – allowing you to pursue other commitments.
  • Recurring business: Window cleaning is often a repeat service, with residential and commercial clients needing cleanings several times a year. This can lead to a stable, recurring revenue stream.
  • Daily activity: If sitting behind a desk isn’t for you, a window cleaning business may be a great alternative. While there will be times you’ll need to sit down and crunch the numbers, you’ll likely spend most of your day on your feet at job sites.

Cons of owning a window cleaning business:

  • Seasonality: In many areas of the country, window washing is a seasonal business, with demand peaking during spring and summer and dipping in fall and winter. This can lead to inconsistent revenue, making financial planning more difficult.
  • Physical demands: Window washing is physically demanding and often requires working up high. This can limit your employee pool and increase the risk of workplace injuries.
  • Declining segment: The number of window washing businesses is declining. In 2023, there were 36,272 window washing business across the U.S., a 5.9% dip from 2022. While this could create more opportunity for new businesses to gain market share, it could also mean the competition was too intense for some businesses to survive.
  • Limited income: At the start of your window cleaning franchise, you may be handling all aspects of the business yourself, including cleanings. This could negatively impact your revenue and growth projections. What you take home at the end of the day depends on how many windows you can clean.
  • Economic sensitivity: The window washing industry may be sensitive to economic instability, as both residential and commercial clients might cut back on non-essential services during economic downturns.

Consider Other Home Service Franchises

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Our franchise opportunities offer many benefits for experienced and new entrepreneurs. Our franchise partners can capitalize on our low investment costs, protected territories, exclusive products and software programs, national advertising campaigns, initial training and ongoing support, in-house financing, and scalable business models.

With so many different options to choose from, you’re bound to invest in a franchise you’re passionate about. To learn more about our various opportunities, contact us today, and we’ll be in touch.