If you are one who has served your country in uniform and are considering a post-military career, you may already have what it takes to be successful as a home-based franchise business owner. To be sure, there are several attributes that, if not required, are at least preferred if you want to be successful as a franchise business owner. While operating a franchise may be less challenging than starting a business from scratch, there are a number of unique qualities that will help ensure the success of a franchisee. If you are a military veteran, chances are you have increased your likelihood for franchise success. Let’s take a look at why veterans make successful franchise owners, and what type of incentives or discounts are available to those who feel owning a franchise business is a logical next step in their post-military career.

Many Veterans already have what it takes to be a successful franchise business owner with the knowledge and skills they learned in the service.

Veterans embrace a culture of compliance and structure.

In the armed forces, everyone is in uniform and follows a structured regimen, and this philosophy is reflected in the foundation of most successful franchises. Most everyone working for a franchise operates within a set of specific brand-compliance standards. In addition, each franchisee is focused on the greater goal of the franchisor or parent company – which is to help all franchise owners to be successful — just as every soldier in uniform works in unison on behalf of the entire battalion. And, like soldiers do, most employees of successful franchises wear uniforms, as a show of support and commitment to their organization.

Training comes naturally to veterans.

Learning and understanding the operations and various procedures of a franchise business requires comprehensive training. In addition, one must adopt a franchise’s corporate culture, along with its brand and customer service standards. As such, most people who have served in the military are comfortable and some even embrace this aspect of franchising. Since veterans have experienced rigorous training before, and are familiar with adapting to military drills and operations, they are generally more proficient and easier to train than non-veterans.

Veterans thrive on a “system of systems” and rules.

The ability to duplicate quality across a particular franchise system is critical to the success of a franchise. Each franchise location needs to offer the same quality services or make products to the exacting specifications as required by the franchisor. Veterans, more than anyone else, understand the need to follow a system, due to their military operations experience, which requires chain-of-command precision. In essence, the ability to adhere to rules and follow “mission-critical” systems helps make former military personnel excellent candidates for owning and operating a home-based franchise.

Veterans are accustomed to hard work.

As you might imagine, serving in the armed forces requires more commitment than most other careers. The military, and its various jobs, come with its set of challenges. Soldiers and military personnel must remain fit, train every day, and adhere to stringent requirements. They also need to follow specific drills. This type of discipline in the military instills qualities and attributes such as commitment and hard work that separate veterans from most others and provide veterans with a distinct advantage for a successful post-military career in business franchise ownership.

A unique ability to handle stress.

Without question, running a business can be stressful since it involves taking risks and problem solving. And while many people cannot handle stress well, veterans are, by nature, determined and self-driven.

During their time in the military, veterans likely faced worse circumstances than their business could ever pose. Soldiers may have fought in combat and survived near-death situations. Having not only survived, but in many cases, thrived, veterans are ready to take on a business. When faced with adversity, they will not give up easily until their mission is complete.

Veterans have proven leadership ability.

In order to lead, one must have respect for those who led them, and for the reasons behind established systems and procedures. Veterans have a deep respect for authority and structure. They understand hierarchy, accountability, and responsibility, and they can be counted on to lead by personal example. This leadership ability means veterans will be effective in managing and leading their staff as they strive to build and maintain a thriving franchise business.

If you are a Veteran, now is the time to explore the benefits of owning your own franchise.

Home Franchise Concepts® (HFC), a national leader with more than 25 years of proven franchise experience in the home services industry, offers incentives and other benefits to Veterans. As the parent company to leading brands within the growing home improvement industry, such as Concrete Craft®, AdvantaClean®, Budget Blinds®, Tailored Closet™, Kitchen Tune-Up®, and Bath Tune-Up®, HFC prides itself in saluting those who have sacrificed to serve in the military. Home Franchise Concepts recognizes that Veterans, by their nature, understand how to set and achieve goals- both individually and as part of a team. HFC also understands entrepreneurship is a natural next step for Veterans to create and enjoy a successful post-military career as a franchise owner. All that is required is a willingness to learn and to work hard- we’ll teach you the rest.  In addition, HFC is a member of the International Franchise Association (IFA) and participates in the IFA’s VetFran Program. As a member of this program, and to demonstrate our sincere commitment to those who have served, we offer a 15% discount on the initial territory fee on our franchise brands to all honorably discharged, qualifying Veterans.

Take control of your future and get educated about franchising by selecting a company that is best for you and your family’s future. Call us today at 800-420-5374 or go online to Home Franchise Concepts.  One of our franchise licensing advisors will be happy to answer any questions you have and assist with evaluating whether franchise ownership is right for you and which of our brands is the best fit in the rapidly expanding home services and home improvement franchising category.