If you’ve been considering starting your own business or buying a franchise, you undoubtedly have some defined goals in mind.

  • Want the independence of being your own boss.
  • Desire to build something to pass on to your children.
  • Want to scale back from full time and chose my own hours.
  • Don’t want limits on how much money I can make.
  • No more “working for the man.” (Sorry, just had to say that!)

But are you a full-fledged entrepreneur? Do you want ALL the responsibility of creating a business model, testing that business model, hiring employees, running the company…everything resting on you? If not, but you still serious about becoming a business owner, then franchising may be right for you. Some blinds businesses, like Shuttercraft, are started up by individual people. However, more and more people are franchaising businesses an this could be the best way for you to start doing to so too!

Sharing the Load
With a Budget Blinds® franchise business, you have specific responsibilities and you are in charge of your own destiny. What you put into the business will determine what you get out. But you are starting from the strong, secure position of a proven business model with over 20 successful years in business, and you’re joining over 1,000 people who collectively make up the Budget Blinds franchise family. Here are just some of the reasons that make Budget Blinds a top-rated franchise business.

  • You receive initial intensive training in every aspect of the business, with ongoing support from a team of business coaches.
  • Your business will be widely promoted on the national level across proven-performance media platforms: TV, radio, web, and social media, paid through the National Advertising Fund (NAF).
  • With a franchise business, you step into an already established brand image and reputation.
  • We help you design a marketing plan to maximize your local efforts in conjunction with national efforts, as well as creating your own social media presence.
  • Our Vendor Alliance program avails you the best products at the best prices.
  • You have access to a large network of fellow franchisees for help and advice.
  • If you are a military veteran, our Million Dollar Franchise Event can assist with the franchise purchase costs.

In Their Own Words

Budget Blinds franchisees come from diverse backgrounds and experiences. But they all have in common the desire to own a business and to be successful in that business. Here are quotes from new franchisees on why they chose Budget Blinds over all other franchises, and you’ll notice some recurring themes:

Thank you Budget Blinds for providing this opportunity. It is an outstanding company that I’m very thankful to be part of! -Leanne F.

  • No need physical location for Budget Blinds
  • No need retail space, requires minimum number of employees
  • No need storefront with Budget Blinds, can run own schedule
  • Wants out of corporate world
  • Wants more time at home
  • Single dad, needs better hours
  • Wanted out of corporation, to work for self
  • Wanted to go into business for himself; “If work for a bad boss, I want it to be my wife”
  • Wanted to go into business for self, to “wake up liking what I did”
  • Looking at self-employment, franchises
  • Contest between he and wife who hates their job the most; wants to get wife out of her business
  • Likes support from corporate, meeting the founders, can set own schedule and work together
  • Likes support from corporate and other franchisees
  • Likes that Budget Blinds is a sustainable business; “everybody needs blinds!”
  • Saw Budget Blinds advertisement, liked the lifestyle
  • Has good reputation, lucrative
  • Vendors got pumped up on Budget Blinds
  • Friend is Budget Blinds franchisee and said business is good
  • Knows franchisees who are happy and successful
  • Always wanted to own a business when in college
  • Fast ramp up time and the Vendor Alliance are reasons picked Budget Blinds

The business model sold it – you make according to what you put in it. If you’re serious about becoming a business owner and franchising is calling your name, don’t wait to take the next step to a secure financial future. Call 800-420-5374 today to get more information, or go to www.budget-blinds-franchise.com to learn more and to watch some franchisee testimonial videos. Fill out a short contact form and you’re on your way!