Throughout our history, the United States armed forces have valiantly fought for our values, our families and our freedoms. Their selflessness in the face of adversity has served as a source of inspiration for many generations. In salute to this, and in light of the recent Veterans Day holiday, Tailored Living offers three reasons why you should hire a veteran, not only to show your appreciation, but to have an individual who has a proven track record of performance on your team.

1. Leadership. When you hire a vet, you get someone with experience in leading a team of individuals through uncertainty by creating a shared vision. You also get someone who will not bend under pressure.

2. Problem Solving. Generally speaking, vets tend to be problem solvers. To pull a motto from the U.S. Marines, vets are able to “improvise, adapt and overcome.” If a business gets into a logistical bind, for example, odds are good that a vet will come up with a creative, effective solution to make it work.

3. Patriotism. Veterans sacrifice years of their lives serving in the military, helping to ensure the protection of our country. This is the essence of dedication to a job. When they come back, especially in this still-recovering economy, it can be difficult for them to find work. Needless to say, they deserve your consideration not just for their talents but, at the very least, as a way to say “thanks.” After all, they’ve shown all of us their patriotism. Maybe now it’s time to show them yours.

Hiring a veteran is a simple way of showing appreciation for all the sacrifices they’ve made for this great country. Remember, it speaks volumes to our dedication to giving back.