Should you join a franchisee association and are they actually helpful when dealing with franchising issues? Learn more about what to expect.

Franchisee Associations Defined

As a part of a large franchise system, franchisees may feel like they aren’t sure who to turn to when questions or concerns come up, especially if there’s an issue with a franchisor that needs to be resolved. This is where a franchisee association can step in.

Franchisee associations are membership organizations for franchisees in much the same way a chamber of commerce exists to support independent businesses. Like a trade association, they are made up of groups of one group’s franchisees and functions independently of the franchisor.

The association gives its members the power of a collective voice, empowering them and helping them stay informed. When an association is working well, the arrangement can be beneficial for all sides.

A franchise association provides members with the power of a collective voice and can help franchisees stay informed.

Benefits to Franchisees

Members may find that an association can fill in some of the gaps in the franchisor/franchisee relationship and help to foster relationships with fellow franchisees. When franchisees work as a group, their interests can be better represented, speaking with a collective voice to resolve problems with a franchisor.

Members can access the experience, advice, wisdom, and best practices of their fellow franchisees. The association can also help members learn about new laws and how to work within shifting boundaries.

Sometimes an association can create better prepared franchisees by offering training, education, and mentorship beyond what the franchisor offers. Associations can help franchisees handle things like advertising and purchasing concerns as a group rather than as individuals, with unified interests.

How to Choose an Association to Join

The decision to join an association of franchisees should involve some homework.

There are five national associations that franchisees can join. They include the International Franchise Association (IFA), the Coalition of Franchise Associates (CFA), the American Association of Franchisees and Dealers (AAFD), the International Association of Franchisees and Dealers (IAFD), and the American Franchise Association (AFA). All share the goals of promoting franchising, and amplifying franchisees’ voices with franchisors should concerns arise, and when it comes to representation in the creation and implementation of local, state, and federal laws.

Franchisees should choose an association that works to represent all members within a franchise system, not settling one franchisee’s individual issue with a franchisor. The association should communicate openly, clearly, and cooperatively with franchise management. The association’s reason for existence should be to foster growth and communication between franchisees and franchisors and doesn’t only exist to resolve a specific conflict with a franchisor. Associations can potentially create adversarial relationships if open lines of communication aren’t established and respected.

The Home Franchise Concepts Difference

As a franchisor parent brand, Home Franchise Concepts (HFC) works to create positive relationships with franchisees. We are invested in empowering franchisees to be their own boss, and to thrive in the competitive home services industry.

At HFC, there is a caring, energetic, family environment. Our vision includes creating value for every owner within our franchise concepts. We build mutually rewarding relationships with franchisees, offering superior training, ongoing support, and experienced leadership. Consideration, cooperation, and communication are amongst our core values. We respectfully encourage different views by exchanging ideas and honest feedback.

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