Generations ago, most business owners were men. If a woman was in charge, it meant that her husband or father had died and there was no one else to run things. When the U.S. Census Bureau began tracking female entrepreneurship in 1972, they counted 400,000 women-owned business. Fifty years later, the latest census numbers show there are 13 million.

Franchising has also traditionally been dominated by men, but that’s changing, too. According to the latest figures from the Franchise Business Review, 35% of franchises are now owned or co-owned by women.

Many women find the idea of a business they can run from their home the most appealing, as it offers the most flexibility.

The Appeal

Many women, especially those who’ve never owned a business before, have found franchising a great way to get started. As a franchisee, they have a road map to getting their businesses up and running faster.

At the start of the pandemic, daycare centers closed and school-aged children began virtual learning from home. Many mothers left their jobs in order to stay home and care for their children. Other women became the primary caregivers for family members suffering from COVID. These women have found it challenging to return to the workforce, as many of their old jobs were eliminated. Some of them struggled to find new jobs because of the subtle discrimination that still exists toward older workers.

Even corporate women who’ve remained employed throughout the pandemic are starting to see the appeal of franchising. Tired of being underestimated, or passed over for promotions, they’re looking for new opportunities where they can put the skills they’ve honed over their careers to good use. Where they can be their own boss and treat employees the way they’ve always wished they’d been treated.

Women in franchising can create the work/life balance that is best-suited for them and their families. Being your own boss allows you the flexibility to attend your child’s elementary school performance, take your elderly parent to their doctor’s appointment or schedule a vacation anytime you’d like.

The Support

Franchising offers support you don’t get if you’re an independent business owner. Besides the step-by-step business plan, franchisees receive extensive training and a support team that’s available to answer questions and provide help in every step of the process.

Women in franchising can also avail themselves of a support system devoted entirely to them. The Women’s Franchise Committee (WFC) of the International Franchise Association (IFA) was formed in 1996, creating a network of business professionals to inspire and encourage female franchise owners. There are annual WFC conferences, as well as local chapters that promote networking among women franchises owners.

Winning Traits

Women often possess personalities that make them well-suited to the demands of running a franchise. They often describe themselves as organized, excellent communicators, detail oriented—all traits that will help them and their franchises succeed. They also typically welcome the opportunity to work as a team, and look for ways to help those around them, which translates into better relationships with their employees, their customers, and their communities.

What Types of Businesses Are Best?

Women in franchising have succeeded in a variety of industries from fast food and medical services to fitness centers, junk hauling and automotive repair, but many women find the idea of a business they can run from their home the most appealing, as it offers the most flexibility. And, they may begin their searches by looking at home services franchises — the types of companies they’ve dealt with in the past.

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