Are you an entrepreneurial spirit trapped in a corporate body?  Do you dream of being your own boss, but don’t really have a clear idea of what you want to do and aren’t completely comfortable with starting a business from scratch?

Franchising may be the answer.  In fact, a Tailored Living® featuring PremierGarage® franchise may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Evaluating a Franchise Opportunity

First and foremost, franchising is a business decision.  Choosing a franchise because it will be “fun” is not in the top 10 reasons. While loving what you do is that extra special perk that gets you up in the morning with a smile on your face, a proven, solid company that will provide financial security is what you need or that smile may fade over time.

Here are top 10 reasons for seriously considering a Tailored Living franchise when you’re ready to venture into the world of franchise business ownership. Each one is a critical issue to consider when evaluating any franchise opportunity. See how Tailored Living meets the challenge:

Reason 1:  A Proven Business Model

Tailored Living is part of a strong and growing industry. The home organization industry is expected to grow to $9.4 billion by 2017 (an annual 4.0% increase) with garage organization/flooring providing the biggest gains. –Freedonia Group, Inc., 2013

The corporate infrastructure is strong and dynamic; the five founders have 20+ years together in franchising and are totally committed to the financial success of the franchisees through training, corporate support and national marketing. It’s a home-based/small warehouse franchise with an initial investment just under $95,000. The economic model has proved out in varying demographic markets across the country, with consistent strong profits to franchisees.

Reason 2:  Years in Business

Tailored Living featuring PremierGarage is one of Home Franchise Concepts (HFC) family of brands and began operation in 2010 when HFC combined two established brands, Closet Tailors and PremierGarage, into a new company. HFC’s 20+ years of franchising experience has propelled Tailored Living into the largest whole-home organization company in the nation.

Reason 3:  Proven Track Record

Tailored Living founders are the same visionaries behind Budget Blinds, an HFC sister brand that’s been rated as America’s #1 custom window coverings franchise since 1996 by Entrepreneur® magazine. Tailored Living has approximately 162 franchised territories in North America.

Reason 4:  Happy, Successful Franchisees

Part of the evaluation process of any franchise opportunity is interviewing existing franchisees and asking the tough questions. With Tailored Living, you’ll meet franchisees who are more than happy to discuss their businesses and share their experiences with you. Additionally, you’ll have a network of peers going forward who help and support each other, sharing knowledge and expertise.

Reason 5:  Training

Training never ends. Initial intensive training is expanded upon with periodic specialty workshops, webinars and seminars for different phases of the business. The more you learn, the more successful you’ll be. Hands-on is a big element of training since designing and installing organizational systems and flooring requires carefully honed skills. Corporate experts in product, design, installation, marketing and business processes provide the training along with affiliated industry vendors and manufacturers.

Reason 6:  Corporate Support

Every franchisee is assigned a business coach who is always just a phone call away, as well as our Vendor Alliance representatives. You’re never on your own if a problem or question arises, whether it’s about design, installation, product information or business processes. If you need an answer, we’ll get it for you as quickly as possible. Consistent communication via email, regional and corporate training sessions and annual conventions help to keep corporate and franchisees in constant touch. You’ll never wonder, “Is anybody out there? Does anybody care?”

Reason 7:  Marketing Expertise, National and Local

Tailored Living’s National Advertising Fund is dedicated to keeping the brand visible and top-of-mind with consumers to drive business to our franchisees. Sales campaigns receive wide-spread national promotion through social media networks, an informational consumer-facing website, printed advertising and partnerships in TV home improvement shows (George to the Rescue and Property Brothers at Home) that provide media exposure. Franchisees have many types of approved local advertising materials available and the freedom to customize them for their own customer base.

Reason 8:  Product Excellence

Securing key associations with some of the biggest names in the industry ensure that you are providing the highest quality products. Our Vendor Alliance program goes even deeper in securing commitments with our vendor and manufacturing partners for best prices as well as quality and service performance that continually meets our exacting standards.

Reason 9:  Customer Satisfaction/Reputation

Customer satisfaction is non-negotiable. Tailored Living guarantees customer satisfaction and will assist if problems arise, working with franchisee, manufacturer and consumer for a positive outcome.

Reason 10:  Protected Territory

Tailored Living has exclusive territories so you’ll never have the situation of another Tailored Living franchisee competing with you. Other competitors are out there, but with Tailored Living you’ll have the support, outstanding products and training to blow them away!

Begin Your Journey

This is a just quick overview to get you thinking about franchising and to possibly whet your appetite for the Tailored Living franchise opportunity.  When you’re serious about being your own boss and want more information about Tailored Living featuring PremierGarage, call (800) 420-5374 or visit

If you’re a military veteran, you’ll want to check out our Million Dollar Franchise Event to assist veterans with becoming business owners. Tailored Living was recently listed in the Military Times top 38 Best for Vets: Franchises 2014-2015. We support our Vets in a big way!

Capitalize on our years of experience, our brand strength and our marketing power to realize your dreams of owning a franchise business. Call or go online today.