One of the advantages of owning a franchise business with any of the Home Franchise Concepts (HFC) franchise brands is that you have the opportunity to build a strong commercial component within your business. With either Budget Blinds®, Tailored Living®, Concrete Craft® and AdvantaClean®, commercial-focused Home Office support will help you navigate the business-to-business possibilities of the brand, developing a vibrant commercial revenue stream with the potential to increase your income.

Budget Blinds Commercial Solutions offers a BIG opportunity to grow your commercial-focused franchise business

Commercial solutions within each brand offer some attractive differences from residential clients, including:

  • Historically higher ticket prices per job.
  • Working with confirmed budgets for projects.
  • Focused, needs-driven solutions as opposed to subjective.
  • Opportunities with local businesses as well as larger chains with national accounts for multiple locations across the country that involve other franchisees.

So, if your interest lies more in networking with other business owners versus individual homeowners, you can pursue the commercial component alongside a residential revenue stream powered by your hand-picked, home-focused design and installation team to handle residential jobs. Each would be a catalyst to the other for referrals and new business since homeowners who are also business owners may invite you into their business, and vice versa.

Every business needs what the HFC brands offer

Any business with a building needs the products and services offered by the HFC family of brands. Window coverings, flooring, cabinetry and storage, concrete repair and enhancement, and a clean, healthy environment for employees and customers. Industries served by our nationwide network of independent franchise owners include restaurant, hospitality, healthcare, schools, government, business offices, apartments, condos, retail, property management, and new construction. All the products and services that have delighted homeowners for over 27 years and made HFC one of the largest franchise companies in North America are also available for commercial accounts with the same exceptional value and high-quality service.

Budget Blinds Commercial Solutions

Budget Blinds Commercial Solutions carries the widest selection of horizontal and vertical blinds for commercial use as well as a variety of custom window treatments, including solar shades, window film, drapes, and motorized shades. Just as in a home setting, attractive window treatments can improve ambiance for any business, and both indoor and outdoor spaces can be enhanced with custom window treatments to beautify, create comfort for employees and customers, and save money with improved energy efficiency.

Hotels, resorts, and rental properties are candidates for custom window treatments like wood shutters that add luxurious light and privacy control

  • Window treatments help businesses make a good first impression on clients and customers.
  • Employees are happier when they can control light and privacy in their workspaces.
  • Cordless window covering options are available for facilities where children are present, eliminating the danger of injury from dangling cords.
  • Additional safeguards of our commercial blinds are flame retardant qualities and green-certified products.

Tailored Living Commercial Solutions

Tailored Living Commercial Solutions offers a full line of commercial cabinetry and flooring for any office need from desks and multiple workstations to filing and storage areas. Closet organization systems for commercial and multi-unit properties, like apartments, present an amazing commercial opportunity. Industry-tough custom flooring includes decorative epoxy coatings and interlocking tiles to create unique floors for any type of business, large or small.

Offer innovative storage and organization solutions as well as flooring for any facility need

  • Big and small offices need require storage for supplies, inventories, files, and more. Provide custom solutions like strictly utilitarian storage rooms as well as beautifully designed offices.
  • Choose from a wide range of colors, styles, and finishes for custom cabinetry to create a new look or expand on existing components in a business.
  • Supply commercial flooring needs from warehouse space to lunchrooms or elegant office space.
  • Ample closet space improves business prospects for commercial properties such as apartments, condominiums, and hotels, and you can give your clients the competitive edge of custom closet systems.

Concrete Craft Commercial Solutions

Existing businesses can greatly benefit from repaired and restored concrete versus replacement. Concrete Craft Commercial Solutions can repair and restore old and outdated concrete surfaces like storefronts, walkways, patios, hardscapes, indoor floors, and walls with decorative concrete. Decorative concrete overlays eliminate the need for demolition and replacement of damaged concrete on flooring and vertical surfaces, indoors and out. For new construction, decorative concrete options can create the look of high-end materials like marble and hardwood for a fraction of the cost of real materials and eliminate the need of future repair.

Commercial opportunities include decorative concrete flooring and faux stone and wood vertical concrete resurfacing overlays

  • Low-maintenance, seamless, industry-tough surfaces resist spills, stains and dust buildup so facilities stay cleaner.
  • Durable concrete floors make good business sense, no more replacing worn-out carpet or vinyl floors every few years, and the low-maintenance demands save both time and money.
  • Exterior patios, retaining walls, siding, and more, can be enhanced with popular faux stone and wood designs with vertical concrete resurfacing.
  • Custom stain colors let you get creative, incorporating a brand’s colors or stenciling a logo into the floor.

AdvantaClean Commercial Solutions

With any business, time is money and closure can be costly. With AdvantaClean Commercial Solutions you’ll have the specialized training and equipment to build a team or teams to service businesses with sanitization, air duct and coil cleaning, mold removal, water or flood damage and restoration, sewage removal, fire damage repair and restoration, smoke and odor removal, and radon testing. You help reduce business interruption and get the business back up and running as quickly as possible.

St. Jude hospital is one example of a commercial account that benefits from ACCS’ services

  • Preventative and “to-the-rescue” services make AdvantaClean the preferred choice for local business owners seeking solutions to facility problems.
  • AdvantaClean is one of the leading national franchised providers of restoration services.
  • Assist other business owners with improved air quality and cleaner facilities to enhance their businesses.
  • Educate your customers on ways to improve their environments for healthful living and be there when catastrophe strikes.

Build a business-to-business franchise

With any of the HFC franchise opportunities, you can build a commercial-focused business that will have you interfacing and networking with other business owners. As you help them with client retention, reducing employee turnover, lowering maintenance costs, and improving their bottom line with innovative products and services, you will, ultimately, improve your bottom line!

Call 1-800-420-5374 today or go online to Home Franchise Concepts and see how easy it can be to become your own boss and build the business you want. Residential and commercial go hand in hand with any of the HFC brands, providing the franchise opportunity to build a vibrant business with products and services you can be proud of with a Budget Blinds, Tailored Living, Concrete Craft, or AdvantaClean franchise. Talk with one of our franchise licensing advisors who can answer your questions and ask about available financing options and special discounts for Veterans.