Technology Support Helps Our Franchise Owners Work Smarter Not Harder

Technology is almost synonymous with business. Any business, large or small, uses technology in managing some or all of its business functions. From cell phones to data storage in the Cloud, thriving businesses, including independently owned franchises, need to keep current on business technology to compete in the global economy of our world today.


For many in business, technology advancements can be confusing and present challenges that a small business owner may not be willing to take. But the truth is that future generations of workers and entrepreneurs have been born to technology, are well-versed in using it and will continue to demand more! Any franchisor looking to engage new franchisees needs to step up when it comes to business technology so their brand will remain relevant.

Home Franchise Concepts (HFC), parent company of Budget Blinds®, Tailored Living® and Concrete Craft®, knows the importance of technology so their franchise owners can work smarter. Technological advances help our franchisees make more money by spending less time running their businesses and more time doing their businesses!

Here are key areas where technology improves business:



  • Cell phones have become work essentials, and HFC ensures that all corporate communications can be equally accessed via desktop computer, tablet, laptop or smartphone.
  • Ongoing email maintenance and best practices are promoted to help manage business emails.
  • Teleconferencing, including live chat systems, online meeting tools and video-conferencing systems recreate the in-person meeting experience for distant franchisees or vendors, eliminating travel time and expense.
  • A dedicated Tech Support Team keeps up with what’s going on in the Tech world so you’ll always be on the cutting edge without having to spend time investigating every new thing that comes along.

Training and information dissemination


  • Webinars are an important part of on-going training and education for all phases of the franchise business: internal processes, product information, sales, marketing and using social media.
  • Technology makes it easy to update online videos or PowerPoint presentations so content is always current, especially on how to most effectively use your social media accounts as updates are continually being made to the programs.
  • Digital versions of documents are stored on servers and storage devices for immediate access by authorized users.
  • Artwork websites make images and templates readily available for franchisees’ use in local area marketing efforts and for maintaining all their social networks.
  • Franchisees can get access to important documents, information and business materials via branded information portals.

Customer Servicecrm

  • Technology brings business closer to customers with instant email interactions.
  • A small business can have a large footprint by using technology to keep them ahead in a competitive marketplace.
  • MyCRM (Customer Relationship Management program) captures ever
    y interaction you have with a customer from first contact to completed job to referral of new business so you have a complete history of every customer.

Data Management

  • Franchise owners can drill down into sales information and evaluate the success of initiatives in their areas to best direct their efforts.
  • Comprehensive data management means that tasks get done more quickly so you can get back to the work of making sales.

Internet and Social Media

  • Corporate websites for each brand are maintained to reach new customers by providing relevant and fresh content and information, promoting products and services and driving leads to individual franchise locations.
  • Local website pages are created for each new franchise location, along with Facebook, Houzz, Pinterest, Yelp, and Google+ individual accounts/pages.
  • A website Information Manager helps to update your local website content as needed to improve your online presence and search engine rankings.


Sales and marketing

  • Online brochures and design guides provide an interactive experience for
  • Automated email marketing like Constant Contact simplifies reaching potential customers.
  • Tailored Living’s 3D design software, D’Vinci , lets their designers show “real-time” depictions of custom storage solutions right in the customer’s home on a laptop. The “smart” program encompasses intuitive elements of design as well as costs, so an accurate quote is assured. (For new franchisees, it’s good to know you won’t be allowed to design something that can’t be built!)

HFC is a forward-thinking company and dedicated to incorporating and integrating the best technologies to make our franchise owners’ lives easier and more productive! If you’ve been considering starting a business but aren’t quite sure about the role of technology, we’ve got you covered! With any of the HFC brands you’re getting a leader in the industry, with high-quality products and services, with the latest technology for a successful business.


Call 1-800-420-5374 today or go online to Home Franchise Concepts and see if becoming a franchise business owner is the right move for you. Check out all three brands at Find a Fit, and see what most sparks your interest.

If you’re a veteran, click here to learn how HFC offers substantial discounts to assist veterans with becoming independent franchise business owners.

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