Veteran Franchise Opportunities

Opportunity for Veterans

There are many pursuits military personnel can partake in once they become veterans. For example, they can engage in community service work, or even adopt a hobby they’re passionate about. In honor of National Armed Forces Day on May 18th, Budget Blinds– the largest window coverings franchise company in the nation – believes there is [...]

Incentives for Veterans

Over the years, the United States Armed Forces have selflessly put their lives in danger to protect our freedoms. They have shown courage, strength and determination in the face of adversity during their time in active duty. When they return from service and transition to veteran status however, they can sometimes find themselves absent of [...]

Why Hiring a Veteran is a Good Idea

Throughout our history, the United States armed forces have valiantly fought for our values, our families and our freedoms. Their selflessness in the face of adversity has served as a source of inspiration for many generations. In salute to this, and in light of the recent Veterans Day holiday, Tailored Living offers three reasons why [...]