Tailored Living Franchise

Military Vets’ Leadership Skills Translate to Successful Franchise Businesses

You already have what it takes, we just add training Budget Blinds® is the flagship franchise brand of parent company, Home Franchise Concepts (HFC), home to two additional brands, Tailored Living® featuring PremierGarage® and Concrete Craft. While each brand is different, a common denominator for growth is pursuing veterans to become franchise business [...]

The Move to “Shop Local” is a Boon to Franchise Business Owners

The push to shopping locally is gaining ground across the country.  Terms like “Localization Movement,”  “Buying Local” and “Indie-shopping” (independent local business) are popping up as ways to describe the movement within communities to encourage residents to patronize independent, local businesses versus national chains or absentee-owner establishments. It’s a natural trickledown from the “Buy American [...]

Mentoring Program Rolled Out to Further Develop New Franchise Owners

ORANGE, Calif., (October 30, 2015) – Tailored Living® featuring PremierGarage®, the largest home organization and garage flooring franchise in North America, with 180 franchise territories, launched a network-wide mentoring program that pairs new franchise owners with experienced franchise owners in their local regions with the goal of improving trust, teamwork, and communication throughout the entire [...]

The Optimum Age to Buy a Franchise and Start Your Own Business

Successful franchisees come in all ages, shapes and sizes as this Tailored Living group demonstrates If you’re looking for a number…sorry! The optimum age to buy a franchise or start your own business is when you’re ready, and that involves factors that far outweigh a chronological age. Focusing on age is limiting and [...]

Mentoring: an Age-old Formula for Success in Today’s Franchise World

Mentors gently guide on the path to success as you take control of your own future Since ancient times, mentoring has been practiced as a way to pass on knowledge. Socrates mentored Plato; Plato mentored Aristotle; and Aristotle mentored Alexander the Great, who went on to conquer most of the known world. A [...]

Relax, at Tailored Living We Are Not Contractors

Tailored Living is the largest home organization franchise in the nation If you’ve ever done many home improvements, you’ve probably had an unfortunate experience with a contractor. It just seems to be part of the package. And if you’re thinking that becoming a Tailored Living® franchise business owner means that you will become [...]

Integrating Business and Creativity With a Tailored Living Franchise

Designing functional, exquisite space like this custom walk-in closet is at the heart of the business Tailored Living® featuring PremierGarage®  is a franchise opportunity whose time has certainly come. More and more people are choosing to renovate and remodel rather than uproot and move to a new home. And, according to a recent [...]

As the Experts’ Choice, A Tailored Living Franchise is an Excellent Choice

A phenomenon of the modern world is up-close and way-too-personal connections with celebrities. The 24/7/365 internet and media world allow everyday people constant access to the celebrities they most admire…and love…and follow. These virtual “friendships” create a connection that often results in copying the fashions, lifestyles and attitudes of the famous personality. But, what interests [...]

A Vigorous National Advertising Fund (NAF) is Foundational for Franchise Success

One of the biggest advantages of owning a franchise business is that you’re not out there alone in the big, wide advertising world. Your business rests securely on a national advertising presence managed by the franchisor and collectively financed by Corporate and all your fellow franchise business owners, sharing the costs and reaping reward. Home [...]

Sale of the One Thousandth Franchise License

ORANGE, CA—Budget Blinds, a custom window covering franchise and Home Franchise Concepts brand, is proud to announce the sale of its one thousandth franchise license. The license was sold to Roberto Ordaz and Marlene Alvarado in June and will cover the territory surrounding Mission, Texas. Ordaz and Alvarado are in-laws and new to the Budget [...]