As a Franchise Business Owner, You Can Take That Vacation

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How many summer vacations have you missed because of your job? Are you tired of watching the boss take off to exotic ports while you’re stuck behind a desk, in a truck or working two jobs just to make ends meet? Don’t just dream about a vacation; buy a franchise and start planning

Take Ownership of Your Life with Home Franchise Concepts

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Home Franchise Concepts’ CEO, Shirin Behzadi, was recently featured in the May issue of Franchise Times: Claim Your Life, Urges Budget Blinds’ Chief. She shares secrets of the company’s success as well as her own incredible story, a portrait of strength and courage. HFC’s CEO, Shirin Behzadi, powers a future of growth and expansion

Job Burnout May Mean It’s Time for a Career Change

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Sometimes we think our present-day society is more stressful and difficult than any decade before, but since time began, work and its side effects have been felt by anyone holding down a job. If going to work has lost its charm, maybe it's time to become your own boss and take charge of your

What Do Marriage and Buying a Franchise Business Have in Common?

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It’s been said that buying a franchise business is comparable to getting married. The steps or stages of developing either relationship are similar, and each step is necessary to bring you to the glorious moment of saying “I do” and signing on the dotted line. Don’t believe it? See for yourself… The idea of