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Empower Yourself To Do Better With Franchise Business Ownership

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Make a career change that could change your whole life Would you say your work life was a comfortable routine or in a rut? While routine and rut have some characteristics in common, there is a definite difference. One implies a comfort level, the other merely tedium. If you’re tired of being in

Be Your Own Boss and Have More Fun Over the Holidays

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It’s the season for parties, entertaining, shopping, baking, visiting friends and relatives, wrapping presents and exchanging gifts. Around your work schedule, just how much time do you have to enjoy all the holiday festivities with your family? Do you find yourself not only making a “To Do” list, but also a “Can’t Do” list? If

Find Your Dream Job in the World of Franchise Ownership

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Be your own boss and have that dream vacation every year How would you define your dream job? (Independently wealthy is not a dream job.) Better work/life balance; more time with family Doing something you love Sufficient income to build a comfortable retirement Regular vacations Being your own boss If you yearn for

HFC Gives a Franchise Business to a Lucky Veteran

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HFC No Place Like Home Franchise Giveaway, announced on Fox 34 Charlotte news. Former USMC Staff Sergeant Sohel Gilani is the recipient of a franchise business through the 2017 Home Franchise Concepts (HFC) There’s No Place Like Home Veteran Partnership and Giveaway! He was awarded a Concrete Craft® franchise, along with start-up assists

Tailored Living Ranks as the #3 Franchise with Remodeling 550 for 2016

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Every year, Remodeling Magazine ranks the top 550 companies in home remodeling, including franchises, full-service remodelers, replacement contractors and insurance restoration firms, from voluntary data and survey information submitted in Q1 and Q2. For 2016, Tailored Living® moved to third in the franchise category, up from 20 in 2015. What can we say…for Tailored Living,

A Franchise Business with Home Franchise Concepts Offers Lifestyle Flexibility

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How was your summer vacation? Didn’t take one due to your job? Well, sadly, you’re not alone. Approximately 40% of Americans do not take vacation time, or they leave or lose up to five days a year. Shocking? Yes…and the reasons may surprise you: Not easy to take time off the job; you return to

What Do Marriage and Buying a Franchise Business Have in Common?

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It’s been said that buying a franchise business is comparable to getting married. The steps or stages of developing either relationship are similar, and each step is necessary to bring you to the glorious moment of saying “I do” and signing on the dotted line. Don’t believe it? See for yourself… The idea of

Home Franchise Concepts Announces Shirin Behzadi as Chief Executive Officer

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In December, 2015, Shirin Behzadi took the helm at Home Franchise Concepts (HFC) as Chief Executive Officer, advancing from her previous position as Chief Financial Officer, a post she held for over sixteen years providing fiscal, strategic and operational guidance for Budget Blinds® as well as HFC’s family of brands, including Tailored Living®, BB Commercial

Just Because You Eat There, Should You Buy the Franchise?

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Like most people, you probably have a favorite place for a good burger, designer coffee, barbeque ribs, or ethnic foods. Food franchises abound and, undoubtedly, you have your favorite places to go whenever a craving strikes. But the food business is dog-eat-dog, and the competition is fierce. Just think—how many frozen yogurt places are within

Tips to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

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by: Chad Hallock, CEO of Budget Blinds Being an entrepreneur is hard work.  The hours are long, and the risk is high. When my partners and I decided to start Budget Blinds, I knew it would not be easy.  But what I knew for certain was our franchise concept was the best on the market.