Entrepreneur Magazine Highlights Home Franchise Concepts’ Franchise Opportunities

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The October issue of Entrepreneur Magazine features Home Franchise Concepts (HFC) and CEO, Shirin Behzadi, in Why This Franchisor Invests in Franchisees Who Have No Experience. Behzadi shares her career background and how her experiences have helped develop the HFC commitment to transforming “everyday” entrepreneurs into successful business owners, including millennials, seniors, single parents, veterans

Create the Work Culture You Want by Owning a Franchise Business

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“Work culture” is becoming more of an issue in discussions about career satisfaction and employee retention. People want more from their jobs than just a paycheck and will move from job to job looking for the right fit. Since half of one’s waking hours are spent at work, the overall environment is certainly an important

As a Franchise Business Owner, You Can Take That Vacation

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How many summer vacations have you missed because of your job? Are you tired of watching the boss take off to exotic ports while you’re stuck behind a desk, in a truck or working two jobs just to make ends meet? Don’t just dream about a vacation; buy a franchise and start planning

How to Work Successfully in a Family-Run Franchise Business

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It’s not uncommon in a franchise business to have husband and wife partners, as well as other family members involved in the business. For some people, that would be an immediate recipe for disaster. For others, the idea of working with family is a comforting thought, a way of building something together, a legacy to

Celebrate This Independence Day by Being an Independent Business Owner

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Every year, the 4th of July marks our nation’s birth and signifies our freedom from restriction and impediment. It’s also a time to get together with friends and family and celebrate our liberties and the many opportunities our nation provides. In the spirit of Independence Day, why not realize your own personal independence by becoming

Incentives for Veterans

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Over the years, the United States Armed Forces have selflessly put their lives in danger to protect our freedoms. They have shown courage, strength and determination in the face of adversity during their time in active duty. When they return from service and transition to veteran status however, they can sometimes find themselves absent of