Concrete Craft Franchise

Concrete Craft Announces New Vertical Concrete Application

(ORANGE, CA, APRIL 2016) —Concrete Craft™, the world’s only decorative concrete franchise and a Home Franchise Concepts® (HFC) brand, announced a new vertical concrete application, adding to its current offering of decorative, stamped and stained concrete services for both residential and commercial properties. Known for transforming ordinary, existing indoor floors, outdoor patios, driveways, poolside areas [...]

If Your New Year’s Resolution is a New Job, How About Franchising?

It’s that time of year again when everyone is looking back and evaluating the past 12 months while looking forward to the next 12 and resolving to make life a lot better. Not surprisingly, getting a new job is a very common New Year’s Resolution. An expected promotion didn’t come through Employer cut benefits or [...]

Just Because You Eat There, Should You Buy the Franchise?

Like most people, you probably have a favorite place for a good burger, designer coffee, barbeque ribs, or ethnic foods. Food franchises abound and, undoubtedly, you have your favorite places to go whenever a craving strikes. But the food business is dog-eat-dog, and the competition is fierce. Just think—how many frozen yogurt places are within [...]

Expanding Home Services Offerings with Third Franchise Brand

ORANGE, CA — Home Franchise Concepts (HFC), a leader in the home services franchise industry and parent company of Budget Blinds® and Tailored Living®, is pleased to unveil the addition of Concrete Craft® to its family of franchise brands. Concrete Craft is the world’s only decorative concrete franchise and offers consumers decorative, stamped and stained [...]

Military Vets’ Leadership Skills Translate to Successful Franchise Businesses

You already have what it takes, we just add training Budget Blinds® is the flagship franchise brand of parent company, Home Franchise Concepts (HFC), home to two additional brands, Tailored Living® featuring PremierGarage® and Concrete Craft. While each brand is different, a common denominator for growth is pursuing veterans to become franchise business [...]

The Move to “Shop Local” is a Boon to Franchise Business Owners

The push to shopping locally is gaining ground across the country.  Terms like “Localization Movement,”  “Buying Local” and “Indie-shopping” (independent local business) are popping up as ways to describe the movement within communities to encourage residents to patronize independent, local businesses versus national chains or absentee-owner establishments. It’s a natural trickledown from the “Buy American [...]

The Optimum Age to Buy a Franchise and Start Your Own Business

Successful franchisees come in all ages, shapes and sizes as this Tailored Living group demonstrates If you’re looking for a number…sorry! The optimum age to buy a franchise or start your own business is when you’re ready, and that involves factors that far outweigh a chronological age. Focusing on age is limiting and [...]