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Take Charge of Your Financial Future as a Concrete Craft Franchise Business Owner

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How has your year been, career-wise? Do you love your job, or … Are you currently looking for your next job? Ready for a change of career? Tired of making money for the boss? Harboring the dream of owning your own business? If you’ve answered yes to any of those questions, maybe it’s time to

Buy a Franchise Business Where You Want to Live

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Did you know that summer is the busiest moving season? People take advantage of the good weather, kids out of school, and prime house selling time to pull up stakes and make a change for many different reasons. Tired of snowy winters and want to live where the weather is warmer Or, missing the four

Do You Have the Background to Be a successful Franchise Business Owner?

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Have you ever wondered if you have what it takes to run your own business? Maybe after a bad day at work or fighting traffic on the freeway heading home, you’ve fantasized about being your own boss. Maybe even working from home. You see franchise businesses all along the freeway and someone is running them.

Don’t Roll the Dice When Buying a Franchise Business

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Sometimes in life it’s okay to take a risk, like a weekend in Vegas, trying a new ice cream flavor, or buying spandex workout gear. But when it’s really important and could have long-lasting results--such as buying a franchise business--you need to mitigate as much risk as you can. That’s a decision when rolling the

Be Your Own Boss and Have More Fun Over the Holidays

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It’s the season for parties, entertaining, shopping, baking, visiting friends and relatives, wrapping presents and exchanging gifts. Around your work schedule, just how much time do you have to enjoy all the holiday festivities with your family? Do you find yourself not only making a “To Do” list, but also a “Can’t Do” list? If

Owning a Franchise Business Can be a Great Second-Act Career Move

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The last kid is off to college on a new exciting adventure and the house is very quiet. Now that you can hear yourself think, what do you think? It’s been a long time since you had a new adventure Your job is no longer exciting or challenging Not excited about retirement that’s just around

Jump-start Your Career Dreams By Owning A Franchise Business

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Have you been languishing at your job, dreaming of the day you can break out and start your own business? Well, maybe it’s time! But horror stories abound of new startup businesses that fail and, it’s very true, you need more than a good idea and enthusiasm to build a thriving business. Running a small

Change Your World: Become an Independent Franchise Business Owner with Concrete Craft

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Summertime activities like barbeques, pool parties, graduations and wedding showers result in spending time in many people’s homes and backyards. When the weather is fine, more activities move outdoors, exposing patios, driveways and pool decks to careful scrutiny. What do you see as you socialize around your neighborhood? Could those yards stand a little TLC?

What Do Marriage and Buying a Franchise Business Have in Common?

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It’s been said that buying a franchise business is comparable to getting married. The steps or stages of developing either relationship are similar, and each step is necessary to bring you to the glorious moment of saying “I do” and signing on the dotted line. Don’t believe it? See for yourself… The idea of

Concrete Craft Announces New Vertical Concrete Application

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(ORANGE, CA, APRIL 2016) —Concrete Craft™, the world’s only decorative concrete franchise and a Home Franchise Concepts® (HFC) brand, announced a new vertical concrete application, adding to its current offering of decorative, stamped and stained concrete services for both residential and commercial properties. Known for transforming ordinary, existing indoor floors, outdoor patios, driveways, poolside areas