Budget Blinds Franchise

The Optimum Age to Buy a Franchise and Start Your Own Business

Successful franchisees come in all ages, shapes and sizes as this Tailored Living group demonstrates If you’re looking for a number…sorry! The optimum age to buy a franchise or start your own business is when you’re ready, and that involves factors that far outweigh a chronological age. Focusing on age is limiting and [...]

Mentoring: an Age-old Formula for Success in Today’s Franchise World

Mentors gently guide on the path to success as you take control of your own future Since ancient times, mentoring has been practiced as a way to pass on knowledge. Socrates mentored Plato; Plato mentored Aristotle; and Aristotle mentored Alexander the Great, who went on to conquer most of the known world. A [...]

Budget Blinds Introduces Next Generation Motorized Shades

Orange, Calif. (August 20, 2015) – Budget Blinds®, the largest window coverings franchise in North America with over 1,000 territories, announced today that it will now feature Virtual Cord motorized shades through their Signature Series® private label program, with Springs Window Fashions as the exclusive manufacturer. Budget Blinds is now offering the Virtual Cord technology through their cellular honeycomb [...]

Troops in Transition Helps Make Business Owners of Military Vets

Photo credit: Steve Bloom, Staff Photographer, The Olympian 2015 ushered in a New Year and a new veteran’s program for international franchise, Budget Blinds®, with Troops in Transition. Troops in Transition offers qualified veterans a Budget Blinds franchise, waiving the initial franchise fee of $74,950, with a six-month’s probationary period to meet specified [...]

Sale of the One Thousandth Franchise License

ORANGE, CA—Budget Blinds, a custom window covering franchise and Home Franchise Concepts brand, is proud to announce the sale of its one thousandth franchise license. The license was sold to Roberto Ordaz and Marlene Alvarado in June and will cover the territory surrounding Mission, Texas. Ordaz and Alvarado are in-laws and new to the Budget [...]

Former Army Sniper Turned Budget Blinds Entrepreneur Featured on The Plain Dealer Newspaper

One of our newest Budget Blinds franchise business owners is Matt Boris of Budget Blinds serving Independence, Ohio. Matt is 31 years old and came onboard through the Troops in Transition program that allows qualified, post-9/11 veterans to start a franchise business with no initial entry fee. His story was recently featured on Cleveland.com, a [...]

Assisting U.S. Veterans to Become Franchise Business Owners

In a short year and a half, Home Franchise Concepts (HFC), parent company of Budget Blinds, Tailored Living and American Decorative Coatings (a.k.a. Concrete Craft), brought 34 U.S. military veterans onboard as franchise business owners through the company’s Million Dollar Franchise Event (MDFE). Launched on Veteran’s Day, 2013, the MDFE enabled veterans to purchase either [...]

Excellence in Training is a Top Priority

A vital element in the success of any franchise business is training. Initial training sets a new franchise owner on solid ground and provides the tools for success. On-going training ensures that a franchise business owner will continue to grow in all areas of business:  product knowledge, business practices, marketing and sales. Home Franchise Concepts [...]

Stepping Up Recruitment of Military Service Members

Home Franchise Concepts Co-Founder, Todd Jackson, identifies ways to experience success in welcoming U.S. military veterans into franchise families in an article written for Franchising World Magazine below. A franchisor is only as successful as the individual franchisees across its network — those men and women who wake up every day full of ambition, creativity and the [...]

Troops in Transition Franchisees Featured in Business Report

Home Franchise Concepts (HFC), parent company to national franchise brands Budget Blinds® has just launched a new program to assist military veterans with becoming business owners. The Troops in Transition program provides qualified veterans who have left active duty within the past two years an opportunity to own a franchise with no initial entry fee, [...]