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Small Room Decorating Magazine helps readers make the best out of their small living spaces. The magazine uses a functional and stylish approach to solve a consumer’s home furnishing needs. Recently, Tailored Living was featured in an article in their Spring 2013 issue. In the article, the home improvement franchise went over 10 great tips to make every inch in your small living space count. Here are some highlights:

Install a Murphy Bed
Murphy beds are ideal for lofts, studios or multipurpose rooms where space is limited.

Under-bed Drawers
This is a great space-saving technique that also helps make your living area look cleaner and less cluttered.

Under-desk Cabinets
Placing cabinets under the desk not only provides easy access to your work items, it also frees up extra square footage.

Vertical Space Utilization
By using tall storage units and cabinets, particularly in the bathroom, you can really open up a space.

Pull-out Hamper Bins
Set into drawers or cabinets, pull-out hampers can be neatly tucked away in closets.

This media coverage is a prime example of how Tailored Living continually strives to increase brand awareness in the industry in order to become the most recognized home improvement franchise. You too can become an organizational professional and help people create their ideal home environments. With some thoughtful planning, creativity and ingenuity, you can convert spaces once considered confined, into roomier and stylish areas that maximize every square foot available.

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