Semi-Absentee Franchise Examples and Options

Run a business while pursuing other things in life. Semi-absentee franchises can give you an extra layer of security. See examples and discover your options.

A semi-absentee franchise ownership offers the opportunity to start and run a new business while still maintaining other jobs or obligations.

What is Semi-Absentee Ownership?

Ownership of a franchise is a big and exciting undertaking. A semi-absentee franchise offers prospective owners the opportunity to start and run a new business while still maintaining other jobs or obligations. Once the business is up and running, semi-absentee ownership typically requires around 10 to 20 hours a week of time commitment. As opposed to a full-time business, a semi-absentee franchise gives owners the freedom to choose how and where they spend their time.

Semi-absentee owners typically rely on the help of a general manager or other staff to cover day-to-day operations while they support the business financially. Attaining success with the first franchise location can then open the door to purchasing new units. Most semi-absentee owners will have had previous franchising experience, thereby possessing the confidence and skills to oversee their business from afar while entrusting daily operations to qualified employees.

How does it work?

Many semi-absentee franchises are brick and mortar, such as hair salons, kiosk-based concepts, and even some restaurants. In many cases, the owners may not be experts in a given field (such as hair styling) but recognize a winning business opportunity and leave the operations in the hands of their hired professionals. Not all types of businesses fit the semi-absentee model, and it’s important that you recognize the difference before committing. Regardless of how much time you spend on site, it is essential that your staff feel supported. The key to semi-absentee ownership is a clear line of communication between owner and in-person staff to make sure that everything runs smoothly and successfully.

Is a Semi-Absentee Franchise Right for you?

First consider your needs, goals, and expectations. Then bear in mind what will be required of you as a semi-absentee owner and how that differs from being either a fulltime owner-operator or complete absentee franchisee. Semi-absentee ownership is well suited for individuals who want to both maintain their current jobs or responsibilities while seizing the opportunity to build a new business.

Prospective franchisees don’t have to give up their day jobs to become semi-absentee owners, but this model of ownership offers a level of freedom and potential that your regular job might be lacking. As long as you’re willing to put in the effort and keep an open mind, the possibilities are endless.

One tradeoff as a semi-absentee owner is that it may take longer to generate income compared to a fulltime commitment. It’s not a downside, just something to be aware of. And it makes sense—the more time and energy you put into your business at the outset, the quicker operations will ramp up. The good thing about semi-absentee ownership is while you may be more likely to hire other individuals to facilitate and run your business, you have the option to participate as much as you like.

Can I Run Multiple Franchises as a Semi-Absentee Owner?

If you plan on opening multiple franchise locations, it is essential that you do so sequentially. Launching more than one business at the same time, even if they’re structured as semi-absentee, takes too much effort, time, and mental power to do all things well. It makes more sense to find the right franchise opportunity, get in the flow with your staff and your franchisor, and then use that as a jumping off point.

Home Franchise Concepts Offers Semi-Absentee Franchise Opportunities

Home Franchise Concepts (HFC) has 30 years of franchising experience as one of the largest consortiums of home services brands in the nation including, Budget Blinds, Kitchen Tune-Up, Concrete Craft, Two Maids & A Mop, and more. Some of HFC brands are more suited to semi-absentee franchise ownership. Either way, HFC is the perfect home for entrepreneurs looking to capitalize on the lucrative home services industry with one of our award-winning business models.

Franchisee pride and satisfaction is a huge part of what makes HFC brands so successful, therefore we prioritize your needs and goals and support you every step of the way.

To learn more about HFC and our family of brands, fill out this form and one of our franchise consultants will be in touch to determine if semi-absentee franchise ownership is the right opportunity for you.