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Tailored Living is the largest home organization franchise in the nation

If you’ve ever done many home improvements, you’ve probably had an unfortunate experience with a contractor. It just seems to be part of the package. And if you’re thinking that becoming a Tailored Living® franchise business owner means that you will become a dreaded contractor, you can relax.

We are not contractors.

Contractors get a bad rap for various reasons and, although not all are complaint-worthy, it’s an industry where the unscrupulous can, and do, take advantage of people, often to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Some of the reasons people hate and distrust contractors are as follows:

  • They charge more than originally agreed upon
  • The job takes longer than promised, or is never finished
  • They don’t show up on time, or they leave early…or both
  • They use subs that don’t do a good job
  • Not the quality expected
  • They take on more jobs than they can handle and do a poor job
  • They leave a mess behind or bury debris in the yard instead of disposing of it correctly
  • They don’t return phone calls, don’t listen, don’t communicate
  • Do not guarantee their work
  • They take the money and run

At Tailored Living, although the home improvement industry is where we ”live,” our business model is not that of a contracting business. As a franchise owner, you are part of a nationwide, proven network that empowers the independent business owner to excel. Distilling the above complaints into three categories, we’ll show how a Tailored Living franchise business stands head and shoulders above an independent contractor business.

Pricing, product quality and guarantees

With Tailored Living, there are vendor alliance relationships in place that allow you to secure product at the best price possible because of the size of the Tailored Living network. You‘ll be buying from suppliers that are committed to high quality and best prices through this relationship. The vetting and research of suppliers is the responsibility of the franchisor who is committed to providing you with the best available sources for all your business needs.

Approved vendors give guarantees on the products they provide to Tailored Living franchisees. You are not alone if you find yourself facing an unhappy customer.

As you design the closets, garage storage and flooring, or other home organization solutions with the customer, you know upfront what every element of the job will cost and can provide an accurately priced, written contract for approval and signature. The vendor won’t hit you with cost surprises that would have be passed along to the client or dilute your profit.

Scheduling, timing and job completion


You manage your schedule for maximum control

As a small business owner, you have complete control of your own schedule. You are the one who sets your in-home consultations and install dates, and since you don’t have to rely on a sub-contractor who may or may not commit to that date, you can always be where you are supposed to be.

Your installers are your employees and, as such, will be on the job sites at the right time and stay until the job is completed. There is no divided loyalty to another job or employer.

Installers are trained by you, so you are assured that they will do a proper installation job every time. One Tailored Living hallmark is leaving every job site (the customer’s home), clean and neat, disposing of any debris so the space is “move-in ready.”

Most Tailored Living installs take one day or less (garage flooring can take two to three, depending on type), but you know that going in, so you can let the customer know the install timing, and you build it into your scheduling.

Customer service and communication

Tailored Living Franchise

Three exemplary jobs, courtesy of Tailored Living of Ventura, CA, Tailored Living of Downtown Toronto and Tailored Living of Northern NJ—imagine the possibilities in your own business

Since you are a local business owner in your community, your customers know you will always be there for them. Quick responsiveness to phone calls or emails will generate goodwill, and faithfully taking care of any problems will make you the most sought after business in town!

But no one is perfect, and a problem with a job isn’t the real issue anyway; it’s how you resolve it that will win customer loyalty. Tailored Living stands behind everything we do, customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

So if business ownership is appealing to you, and franchising offers a structure and network security that you can appreciate, why not investigate Tailored Living as a viable career option?  Franchise Business Review ranks Tailored Living as one of the Best of the Best: Top 200 Franchises for 2015 in franchisee satisfaction. Benefits of owning a Tailored Living franchise include:

  • It’s the largest home organization franchise in the nation
  • Stellar customer service reputation
  • Proven and reliable business model
  • Strong training and support system
  • Assigned Business Coaches
  • Regional training and annual Conventions
  • Flexible schedule, you set your hours
  • Vendor product support and guarantees
  • Protected territories
  • Coordinated national and local marketing efforts promote brand awareness

The home improvement industry is booming.  You can become a home improvement design specialist and take charge of your financial future by becoming a Tailored Living franchise business owner. If you’re ready to be your own boss and want more information about Tailored Living, call (800) 420-5374 or visit www.tailoredlivingfranchise.com.