The Five Budget Blinds Founders

The Five Budget Blinds Founders

Every company has a story, but rarely does one beginning from extremely modest means emerge as an industry leader with sustainable growth year after year.

An iconic American tale, the story of Budget Blinds stars five young entrepreneurs, a white Jeep, and a commitment to the hard work necessary to take their business to the top of the multi-billion dollar window coverings industry. Still operating with these same five original entrepreneurs that founded the business 20 years ago, Budget Blinds has now made achieving the American dream possible for over 800 franchise owners across North America.

In 1992, 19 year old Chad Hallock had a simple idea for a business that would later grow to become one of the best franchise opportunities available. Convincing his brother and three close friends to invest $5,000 each and become partners in the company, Mr. Hallock and the rest of the co-founders set out to create their own custom window coverings company. Working out of a small apartment, they spent their days and nights driving up and down neighborhood streets in their white Jeep and handing out flyers. In 4 months, their hard work finally paid off as they achieved an astonishing $120,000 in sales. This dynamic team was onto something great, thus Budget Blinds was born. Since then, the company has experienced nothing but growth.

Mr. Hallock has always known that the key to Budget Blinds’ success is in delivering exceptional product offerings and an unmatched level of service using a proven methodology that hasn’t changed since the companies’ founding 20 years ago. So far, Mr. Hallock considers the business a success, but not yet a victory. “All five co-founders could retire today but we truly love what we do and are dedicated to leading this company to even greater heights,” he said.

The window coverings market is estimated to be a $6.9 billion industry. It is also expected to grow by an average of 6% for the next several years. What does Hallock see? A larger window of opportunity of course.