Jonathan Thiessen has become Chief Development Officer at Home Franchise Concepts (HFC) to apply his expertise and experience to growing the company’s portfolio of brands. With HFC for 15 years and in the franchising world for 27 years, he’s well positioned for mastering the intricacies of acquiring and growing new brands within HFC’s family of brands.

HFC’s new Chief Development Officer, Jonathan Thiessen

Of the appointment, HFC CEO, Shirin Behzadi, says, “Jonathan – or ‘JT’ as we know him – has been instrumental in the growth of HFC and is key to our future. He will lead the effort to build the HFC portfolio of brands that can empower the next generation of men, women, couples, veterans, seniors and others to control their own lives through business ownership.”

Most recently, Jonathan was Vice-President of Franchise Licensing, managing a team of Franchise Licensing Advisors who work diligently with potential franchise candidates to ensure a good fit with franchising with HFC. He has been involved with more than 1,100 franchise owners coming onboard across the family of brands, including Budget Blinds®, Tailored Living® and Concrete Craft® as well as the expansion of Budget Blinds and Tailored Living into Canada.

His dedication and zeal are very real, even extending to his family. His mother, brother and nephew collectively own six Budget Blinds franchises. JT shares, “I love that every day I get to see the tangible results of what happens when you put great people in a great franchise system.  I go to conventions and get hugs and handshakes from people who tell me how becoming a franchisee with us has changed their lives for the better in ways they had never imagined.  Knowing that I play a small part in helping so many achieve their dreams is a thrill that I get to experience on a daily basis.”

The announcement was made in April; read more about JT Thiessen and HFC by clicking here.


If you’re interested in joining the HFC family of brands as an independent franchise business owner, call 1-800-420-5374 today to speak to a Franchise Licensing Advisor, or go online to Home Franchise Concepts and follow the Steps to Becoming a Franchise Owner to see if franchising is the right fit for you.