Closet and garage franchise, Tailored Living, offers a wide range of advanced flooring solutions from exclusive flooring system—Premier NX. Fueled by Sika Corporation, Premier NX features an epoxy floor coating that cures twice as hard as traditional epoxy coatings.

It is such a great opportunity for us to be working with Sika—the global leader in industrial grade structural coatings and chemicals. Boasting over 100 years of experience and five billion dollars in annual sales, Sika serves the construction and manufacturing industries in over 70 countries. A few years ago, Sika laboratories began producing a special blend of industrial grade coating chemicals for the exclusive use of Tailored Living garage flooring installers; a proprietary blend called PremierOne®. For more information, visit

Providing consumers with plenty of color and texture options, our garage franchise offers a unique and quality product for home-owners interested in garage remodeling. To find out more about our home improvement franchise opportunities, visit us at