The last kid is off to college on a new exciting adventure and the house is very quiet. Now that you can hear yourself think, what do you think?

  • It’s been a long time since you had a new adventure
  • Your job is no longer exciting or challenging
  • Not excited about retirement that’s just around the corner
  • You still dream of owning a business and being your own boss

franchising a second act

If facing an empty nest has you reevaluating your life, maybe it’s time to dust off some old dreams and see if they still fit. Moving on to a second-act career could open up a whole new world of possibility by channeling your hard-won expertise into something completely different, moving to a new place for a fresh start, finding time to do things you love that fell by the wayside, or focusing on giving back to your local community. With a career that you control instead of it controlling you … like owning a franchise business … there are options.

The Wonderful Scalability of Franchising

Home Franchise Concepts (HFC) is dedicated to helping people fulfill their dreams through franchise ownership. The business models of all three HFC brands position the independent franchise business owners to be as successful as they want to be with a robust infrastructure of training, support and networking.

Each franchise owner can choose the form their business will take, including number of territories, full or part-time, manage a crew or crews, or do the jobs themselves. Over the past 12 months more than 100 new franchise owners have come onboard with the HFC family of brands and their reasons for a second art may resonate with you.

Need Something New in Life

  • She and husband looking for something else to do
  • He quit a job of 20 years to start new
  • Now retired, but bored
  • Good fit for his personality and interests, leaving a 30-year job

Want to Own a Business

  • Wants to run his own business and work with his wife
  • She was a stay at home mom for 16 years but now that her youngest is in school she got bored and wanted to start her own business

Better Work/Life Balance

  • He was working so much his wife said he needed to find a different job
  • Burned out, always wanted her own business; will allow them to have more time together
  • Works nights, married 13 years with three small children; wants better hours and family time, not working night
  • Wife works over 80 hours a week and wanted to start a business together to spend more time together; they want to build a future

Job Security and Retirement

  • Been downsized three times in last five years, got a new job and was laid off again
  • Wants to work for himself, no can lose job, have more control
  • This will be their retirement plan–10 to 12 years and then sell it
  • Wants better future, looking to retirement, has a passion for organization and helping people

A second-act career doesn’t always mean nearing retirement, but it definitely means taking steps to change your future, and on your own terms.

you're future

The HFC Family of Brands Offers Security

HFC is home to three growing franchise brands in the home improvement/home services industry, with proven business models already in place. In fact, 2017 is our 25-Year Anniversary celebration, so you can be confident that we truly know what we’re doing.  With any one of our brands, you’re free from having to develop a concept, find your target audience or set up a business plan. It’s already been done with approximately 1,300 successful franchise owners in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

  • Budget Blinds® – custom window coverings, including blinds, shades, shutters and drapery styles for indoor/outdoor application, residential and commercial—the largest window coverings franchise in North America
  • Tailored Living® – whole home custom storage solutions as well as industrial-strength PremierOne® garage flooring options for home and business—the largest home organization franchise in North America
  • Concrete Craft® – custom concrete staining, stamping and resurfacing for indoor and outdoor floors and vertical surfaces, including walkways, driveways, decks, patios and fireplaces—the only decorative concrete franchise available

all three brands of home franchise concepts

With any HFC franchise opportunity, you start out on the right foot with a business model that has already proven itself over time.

  • Low initial investment and low overhead
  • Shop-at-home sales model provides consumer convenience
  • Residential and commercial property revenue streams expand your client base
  • No experience necessary, you receive extensive training and corporate support
  • Each is an established, well-known brand with robust national and local advertising
  • Broad social media reach on Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter
  • Flat rate royalty fees let you keep more of what you earn
  • Vendor Alliance partners ensure competitive pricing on all products
  • Cutting edge technologies help to make our franchisees more productive
  • We offer substantial discounts to veterans entering the franchising world

If you’re ready for a second-act career move, becoming an independent franchise business owner within the HFC family of brands may be the answer. Call 1-800-420-5374 today or go online to Home Franchise Concepts and see which brand is the best fit for you. If you’re a veteran, click here to learn about discounts for qualified vets.