A recent report by 80,000 Hours, an online career guidance company, determined that there are six ingredients that make up a dream job. (80000hours.org)  Isn’t that what we all want–a dream job?  A job where spending that lifetime 80,000 working hours is enjoyable and fulfilling?

Don’t just daydream of a more meaningful work life; the world of franchise ownership is beckoning

Surprisingly, a high salary is not one of the six most important things for a fulfilling career. But all six ingredients are part of the successful business models for franchise opportunities with the Home Franchise Concepts (HFC) family of brands: Budget Blinds®, Tailored Living® and Concrete Craft®. If your present employment is missing any of these ingredients and you feel like you’re just spinning your wheels career-wise, you might want to consider becoming an independent franchise business owner. (As a side note, there is no limit to what you can make as an HFC franchise owner!)

Take a look at each of the six ingredients to job satisfaction in light of what franchising with HFC has to offer.

One:  Work that’s engaging

By definition, engaging work draws you in, holds your attention and doesn’t feel like drudgery. Four components of this engagement include:

  • The freedomto decide how to perform your work.
  • Clearly defined projects from start and end.
  • Varietyin the types of projects.
  • Feedback, so you know how well you’re doing.

As a franchise owner with HFC, you have freedom to set your own hours and schedules. Your assorted projects are clearly defined and provide lots of variety with design, installation, and sales consultations in people’s homes—something new every day.  Continuous positive feedback is the natural result of every job well done.

Two: Work that helps others

We help people every day by making their homes a stress-free haven in a hectic world where families can relax and reconnect

It’s a well-known fact that helping others is an important element of overall life satisfaction. Finding meaning in a career through helping other people can help one be happier and healthier.

As leaders in the home services and products industry, HFC and its family of brands help people every day. We make day-to-day living more stress-free and calm by devising innovative solutions to beautify, organize and increase the comforts of home for thousands of families. These few testimonials speak to the help we provide to our customers.

  • Thank you Tailored Living for creating organization out of chaos in my garage, laundry room, and home office!  I finally feel like I can function. – Judi L, North Andover, MA
  • We’ve owned several homes during our 45 years of marriage and feel this is the best window treatment job we have ever had. Thanks Budget Blinds! –Penny W, Reno, NV
  • My concrete was very bad and damaged from a very poor initial install. Concrete Craft was able to transform it. What a 180-degree turnaround! –Keri S, Colorado Springs, CO

Three:  Work you’re good at

A sense of accomplishment and satisfaction comes from doing a job well. HFC provides comprehensive training to all franchise owners in every area of business so each one becomes very good at building a successful business. Best business practices, design principles, selling, marketing and installation are covered in detail with initial training as well as ongoing education to ensure you get better and better all the time.

Four:  Work with supportive colleagues

As an independent franchise owner, you get to build out your own team of people you choose to work with.  Office admin staff, sales people, designers, installers—you create the community you want. Additionally, there is incredible support on every level, from Home Office staff and dedicated support teams to neighboring franchisees always ready to lend a hand. Awards and recognition are part of the franchise culture, with networking opportunities, awards trips and annual conventions.

Five: Lack of major negatives

Here are five negative elements that, if present with your job, can neutralize job satisfaction.

  • A long commute
  • Very long hours
  • Pay you feel is unfair
  • Job insecurity

HFC’s business models provide polar opposite elements to these destructive negatives. With our franchise businesses you can work home-based, set your own hours and schedule, pay flat marketing and royalty fees so you keep more of what you make, and if you go to work every day at your own business, there’s no job insecurity at all.

Six: Work that fits with the rest of your life

Take control of your life as a franchise business owner with HFC and write your own schedule

Franchise ownership allows you to strike the work/life balance that works for you and your family. You work your business around school schedules, managing crews or doing installations yourself, working weekends or evenings or closing down at 5:00, Monday through Friday. You make your business what you need it to be.

Take your career to the next level

If you’ve ever dreamed of being your own boss, now is the perfect time to make a job change—New Year, New You! Call 1-800-420-5374 or go online to Home Franchise Concepts and begin to see the real possibilities of becoming a business owner within a franchise system that has all the earmarks of providing job satisfaction.

  • It’s interesting, engaging work
  • You’re helping others every day
  • You’re doing work that you’re good at
  • You work with supportive people you like
  • No “classic” negatives to contend with
  • Build a business to fit your lifestyle
  • No limit on how much you can make (just thought we’d throw that one in…)

Don’t wait, call today and investigate the possibilities of franchise business ownership with Budget Blinds, Tailored Living or Concrete Craft. If you happen to be a veteran, all three brands offer substantial discounts to assist you with becoming a franchise business owner. Click here to learn more.