New Franchise Owners Find Their Niche with Budget Blinds

You can probably find a franchise business for just about anything in the world, such as a luxury cat hotel or a space where people pay money to come and take out their aggressions in specialty “smash rooms.”  When looking to be your own boss and start a business, it’s easy to get sidetracked checking out unconventional options, and the more unconventional, the more entertaining…and the more time you can waste checking out highly unlikely prospects.

Budget Blinds of Concordia

The new Budget Blinds team in Concordia, Missouri, at your service!

Luckily for Paul and LuShaun Curtis, they found the Budget Blinds® franchise opportunity when looking for a way to gain more window treatment customers for a business they were already involved in.

I’ve been working in Lexington for the past four years with Abigail Cool and a company called Castle and Cottage, in which we basically have been sewing drapery and doing window coverings,” LuShaun shares. “Once we knew enough and felt all of the support of the [Budget Blinds franchise] … we decided to sign on the dotted line and buy the franchise.”

They ended up buying Budget Blinds serving Concordia, for solid reasons that reflect who they are and the goals they were working toward.

  • Increased business potential
  • Areas of interest and expertise
  • A family business: mom, dad and son

Their grand opening was March 2016, announced in the local paper, The Concoridian. Click here to read the full article, Concordia Residents Join Window Treatment Company, about their transition to becoming independent franchise business owners, building on their existing experience and skills.

Find your niche with Home Franchise Concepts

Budget Blinds is just one of the Home Franchise Concepts (HFC) family of brands in the home services/home improvement industry. Sister companies are Tailored Living® featuring PremierGarage® and Concrete Craft™, offering opportunities in the areas of home organization and storage solutions and stained, stamped and resurfaced decorative concrete for residential and commercial customers.


If you’re interested in starting your own business, franchising eliminates the expense and frustration of starting from scratch; you buy into a proven system that already has national brand awareness and collective buying power. With an HFC franchise, you’ll get:

  • A proven business model in a home-based business
  • Protected territory and flat rate royalty fees
  • Hands-on intensive training and ongoing Corporate support
  • Robust National Advertising Fund that includes, TV, radio, print and social media
  • The highest quality products at the lowest price through our Vendor Alliance Programs

So, if you’re drawn to home design and organization and like to help people, Tailored Living may be tailor-made for you. If you like working outside, Concrete Craft could be the perfect marriage of business ownership and getting your hands dirty! Budget Blinds involves all things windows, so if color and style are your passion, check out that franchise opportunity and begin taking charge of your financial future.

Go online to Home Franchise Concepts today or call 1-800-420-5374 to begin investigating the business of franchising and see if it’s a proper fit for you.

The HFC brands have special programs to assist veterans with becoming independent franchise business owners. If you’re a veteran, click here to learn how HFC supports veterans.