Losing a job is in the top 10 stressors that people can experience (Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale). If you are currently out of a job or fearing for your job, you can probably attest to the enormous stress it generates. Maybe you’re just starting out with a young family to provide for and the pressure to stay employed weighs heavy. Or, you may be at the end of a long career and being forced to take retirement when you’re not ready to retire. Being at the mercy of others when your livelihood is on the line can be frustrating and frightening.

Maybe it’s time for a real career instead of a string of insecure jobs

Being your own boss by becoming a franchise business owner removes the threat of ever again being fired. You can pour all your energies into the business and work hard to be successful without the possibility of someone coming along and taking it away. All your efforts will go into building a future for yourself and your family, not for someone higher up the food chain.

Benefits of owning your own business

As a business owner, you can build the business you want. With franchising, you build on an established, firm foundation with a business model that has been proven over time. Home Franchise Concepts (HFC), parent company to four franchise brands, has been turning out successful franchisees for 27 years, with benefits that include the following:

  • Low initial investment, with discounts for Veterans
  • Home-based business with low overhead
  • Structure as a sole-proprietorship, family business, or with partners
  • Set your workdays and hours for a work/life balance that works for you
  • Create jobs for others and hire people you want to work with
  • Scale your business with one or multiple territories
  • No ceiling on how much money you can make

Enjoy the freedom that franchise business ownership offers and build a secure future on your own terms

Training and support to go the distance

Buying into a franchise system means that even as a small business owner, you are part of something bigger. With HFC that means a network of over 1,700 franchise territories across the U.S. and Canada, making HFC one of the largest franchise companies in North America. As a franchise business owner with HFC, you’ll benefit from the size and strength of the company at large.

  • Extensive, in-depth training in every facet of growing a business, with ongoing training and education and online support.
  • No facet of running a business is outside the realm of franchisee training.
  • HFC customizes training for the specifics of each brand’s products and services.
  • Comprehensive support structure and Home Office support teams dedicated to your success.
  • Both residential and commercial revenue streams with national accounts.
  • National brand exposure gives more brand recognition and greater marketing support.
  • Expansive social media across most relevant platforms, national and local.
  • Vendor Alliance programs ensure superior products, brands, and services to offer consumers at the best prices.

An industry that’s growing

You don’t have to worry about whether your business will stay relevant. With HFC, you’re stepping into a business in the multi-billion-dollar home improvement industry that is growing every year, increasing the need for reliable businesses that meet the needs of homeowners from remodeling to restoration services after a disaster. The trend of Americans aging in place and upgrading their homes, multi-generational households, and Millennials becoming first-time homebuyers and remodeling to suit their tastes, are huge factors in industry growth. Approximately three out of five homeowners spent money on indoor and outdoor home improvements in 2019 and the future is bright for 2020 and beyond.

Additionally, HFC stays on top of industry trends and evolutions so its brands are up to date with in-demand and on-trend services and products that satisfy both homeowners and business owners. This ensures that franchise owners have the latest in products and technologies to be competitive in the marketplace. Research and persistence keep Budget Blinds®, Tailored Living®, Concrete Craft®, and AdvantaClean® in the position of industry leaders in their respective categories:

  • Custom window coverings and home automation
  • Whole-home storage and organization solutions
  • Decorative concrete for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Light environmental services such as water and mold remediation

Build a business that will endure in an industry that is growing and expanding every year

If you’re ready to move from the insecurity of working for someone else to the security of owning your own business, Home Franchise Concepts offers proven business models to put you on the road to success. Never be on the “firing line” again as a franchise business owner!

Go online to Home Franchise Concepts or call 1-800-420-5374 to speak with a Franchise Licensing Advisor who can answer your questions about franchise ownership. Go directly to Franchise Opportunities to learn more specifics about each individual brand and see which one is the best fit for you.

If you’re a Veteran, check out the substantial discounts to assist qualified Veterans with becoming franchise business owners. Click on the brand below to learn more.