Motorized Window Coverings

Motorized Window Blinds

Motorized window coverings powered by Somfy® can be controlled with a wide array of options from wireless wall switches, hand-held remotes, timers, and more.

Over the last decade, the window treatment industry has changed to meet the rising demands of consumers and builders. Many more window treatments have become available to consumers than ever before, with a significant increase in options within the past five years. It has become easier than ever to customize virtually any window covering to meet the consumer’s needs, tastes, and wants. With the growth in all things instantly at our fingertips, comes the growth in motorized window coverings, and the growth of the blinds business.

Motorized window treatments can greatly enhance a consumer’s home, and additionally, grow profits for a blinds business. Most window covering manufacturers now offer motorization as an option for their products. There are many windows designed by architects that are in need of motorized window coverings such as, skylights, bay windows, tall windows, large windows, and of course, custom windows. Consumers also desire for cordless motorized coverings for child safety issues.

Consumers have become more tech savvy over the past several years with the advent of “smart” phones, iPads, digital books, tablets, and Wi-Fi access almost anywhere in the world. With these technological progressions the use of these items to operate window coverings has become more and more the “norm” and the masses are catching on quickly. Entire homes are now automated through a single computer system, and window treatments have not been left out of this automation. Many high-end clients are specifically requesting motorized window coverings, and include this in their budget when building or remodelling their home. As the market grows, even the average consumer will find motorized window coverings to be desirable and affordable and the blinds business needs to be prepared to tap into this lucrative market.

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