Unleash your hidden talents as a franchise business owner

Are you a veteran interested in starting a home-based business? Home Franchise Concepts (HFC), home to three thriving franchise brands in the home improvement industry, may be the solution. All three franchise opportunities of the HFC franchise family–Budget Blinds®, Tailored Living® and Concrete Craft®—strive to attract qualified veterans as independent franchise business owners.

  • Budget Blinds– custom window coverings, including blinds, shades and drapery styles for indoor/outdoor application, residential and commercial
  • Tailored Living featuring PremierGarage – custom closets and home storage solutions as well as industrial-strength Premier One® garage flooring options for home and business
  • Concrete Craft – residential and commercial custom concrete staining, stamping and resurfacing for indoor and outdoor floors and hardscapes, including walkways, driveways, decks and patios

Military service is an excellent training ground for a civilian career as an independent franchise business owner. The skills mastered and the lessons learned contribute to successful business ownership in many ways, and the attributes of service, dedication, loyalty, commitment and resilience serve well in starting your own business.

Transferable skills for business success

You may not have put a name to your strengths and the skills you gained through military service. Working with many successful veteran franchise business owners in the HFC family, we’ve been able to define those skills that specifically contribute to success when buying a franchise.

  • Leadership Skills:Strong leadership skills are practically a given for someone exiting the service. After years of running day-to-day operations and hiring, training and managing staff, leading a team in business will be second nature.
  • Respect for the System:Being able to work within a prescribed system and follow protocols is part of the military mindset, and this translates very successfully to working within a proven franchise system. The business model is already defined, with a fail-safe support system in place, dedicated to your success.
  • Teamwork:Teamwork is the hallmark of military life. In every endeavor you’re part of a team and relying on other teams. As a franchise owner, you rely on the support from the corporate team, the entire network of franchisees and your own hand-picked team of employees.
  • Risk Taking: Fear isn’t your driver. You’re not afraid of the risk involved in starting your own business. With proper due diligence, you’re ready for the work and commitment required for success in your chosen franchise.
  • Self-discipline:Since you are now the boss, the self-discipline you mastered in the military will keep you on track for business success. With a clear goal ahead and a “mission-first” mentality, you’ll be able to power through whatever comes your way.
  • Time Management: When you own a business, managing your time wisely is important to getting done each day what needs to be done. Military training teaches time management skills that will help your franchise business to flourish.

“The training, discipline, and teamwork instilled in members of the U.S. Armed Forces prepare every veteran for a successful role as a franchise business owner. Our goal is to provide significant financial incentives to make a veteran’s transition into the civilian workforce a smooth and successful one.” –Chad Hallock, Co-founder of Budget Blinds and Tailored Living

Find a fit with Home Franchise Concepts

Derek HarrisAll three HFC franchise brands are home-based, low cost franchises with protected territories. You receive extensive training and ongoing support from a personal business coach. You‘re part of a proven team encompassing shared marketing on a national level, local marketing support, product discounts through vendor alliance programs, robust social media and much, much more.

Home Franchise Concepts is dedicated to the success of each and every franchise owner, with special entrepreneurial and community service programs to support veterans.

  • Giving back to veterans in a meaningful way. Not only by giving discounts to veterans when purchasing a franchise, but by partnering with other organizations that support and assist veterans. HFC has partnered with both Homes for Our Troops in the U.S. and Wounded Warriors Canada to impact the lives of those who selflessly protected our freedom.
  • Removing barriers for veterans to become franchise business owners. We simply the process of transitioning from military service into the civilian workforce with programs that pique veterans’ interest, a discovery journey that is comprehensive and straight-forward, and various discounts and assists to starting a business.

For more information about HFC’s veteran support programs and all franchise opportunities for all three brands, visit Home Franchise Concepts/veteran franchise opportunities.

You don’t have to be a military veteran to join the HFC family of brands as an independent franchise business owner. Every franchise owner receives all the resources and support they need to start strong and stay strong, building the most successful franchise business possible. Don’t wait; check out the HFC franchise opportunity today at