It’s been said that buying a franchise business is comparable to getting married. The steps or stages of developing either relationship are similar, and each step is necessary to bring you to the glorious moment of saying “I do” and signing on the dotted line. Don’t believe it? See for yourself…


  • The idea of getting married may evolve from a growing discontent with dating. All the on-again, off-again relationships, no commitment, no long-range future plans to count on.

  • Buying a franchise can result from career or job discontent, insecure position, working more hours for less take-home pay; wanting to be your own boss and taking charge of your destiny.


  • To find a potential marriage partner, you can visit online dating sites or join local clubs and activities where you’ll meet like-minded individuals.

  • To find a franchise, you can also go online to find franchise brokers and investigate franchise opportunities individually, or attend a Franchise Expo to dive into the deep end of the pool.


  • Reviewing your options, you settle on just a few individuals to get to know better and you make plans to meet, spend time together and get to know one another.

  • Vetting out franchise opportunities should net out a handful that you want to investigate, so developing a “track to run on” to learn more could involve working with a franchise broker or talking directly with representatives of the franchises you are interested in.


  • It takes time to get to know a person, especially if you are hoping to spend the rest of your life with them. Be transparent and authentic about who you are and what you want, so your soul mate will be able to find the real you.

  • When buying a franchise, you need to have a firm grasp on your goals and expectations since these will drive your decision on what franchise to buy. This is a long-term commitment, so an honest and accurate assessment of yourself and each considered franchise is necessary—a serious mutual evaluation.


  • Breaking up is hard to do, but when you realize that a certain person is not “the one,” it’s time to move on. Regardless of how long it takes, finding the right person to marry or the right franchise to buy will make the whole of life so much better!

  • As you eliminate franchise opportunities for various reasons, you will eventually be left with the one that is right for you. Saying no to a wrong franchise is as important as saying yes to the right one. You’re going to be together for a very long time and you definitely want to live happily ever after!

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