It’s hard to believe that 2014 is just about over. Only a couple more weeks to reach those goals you set for the New Year that’s now the Old Year. How did 2014 go for you? Are you in a better place than you were in December 2013 personally, financially and career-wise?

Now fast forward to December 2015. A year from now will you be content to be at the same place you are today? That question is almost mean, isn’t it? But time does keep moving on and sometimes we put off, year after year, making those changes or decisions that could really impact our quality of life.

According to the 2013 Gallup Poll, 70% of people are unhappy and “disengaged” from their work, with 18% of them actually hating their jobs. That’s a lot of misery! If you are in that 70%, do you want to go another year in your same situation? Have you maybe dreamed about being your own boss and taking charge of your career destiny?

Franchising Puts You in the Driver’s Seat
Sadly, there is no silver bullet to financial success without working. Work is work; it’s tiring and unrelenting. Some days are better than others, but if you love what you do, most days are better than others!

Financial gain is not the only result or benefit people crave from a job or career. Recognition, appreciation, believing in what you do, making a difference—all of those things contribute to whether or not a job is enjoyable. Whether or not you enjoy your work can be impacted by many factors; here are just four of the top reasons that people hate their jobs:

  • The work itself–having to do something you dislike doing
  • The people you work with—bad bosses or managers, disagreeable co-workers
  • The environment—uncomfortable or unhealthy surroundings
  • The hours—too structured and too long; out of balance with family life. If you’re nodding as you read this list, you might be an ideal candidate to become a Budget Blinds® franchise business owner. Franchising can put you in control of your future and, unlike working for someone else, whatever you put into your business, you will reap the reward.
  • As a franchise business owner you are your own boss
  • You can build a team of employees who share your values and commitment to success
  • You’ll have the freedom to schedule your time to what works best for you and your family
  • Many franchise opportunities allow you to work from home, you don’t need a brick and mortar location
  • You can build a family business that can be passed on to your kids or other family members
  • You are buying into a proven business model and established brand
  • How much you make is up to you

The Budget Blinds Franchise Opportunity
Budget Blinds began in 1992, with its first franchise awarded in 1994. Since that time, we’ve grown to nearly 1,000 franchise territories throughout the U.S. and Canada, recently adding our first Mexico franchise location. As America’s #1 window coverings franchise, we have an extensive selection of products and our Budget Blinds Vendor Alliance relationships afford exceptional pricing and high quality for everything we sell. Other reasons for considering the Budget Blinds franchise opportunity:

  • Proven and reliable business model
  • Strong training and support system
  • Protected territories
  • Regional training and annual Conventions
  • Assigned Business Coaches who get to know you and your individual business
  • Home-based business with low overhead; no inventory
  • Flexible schedule, you set your work days and hours
  • Coordinated national and local marketing efforts for maximum brand awareness
  • Strong brand recognition and excellent reputation in the marketplace
  • Vendor product support and guarantees
  • Financing discounts for veterans through our Million Dollar Franchise Event

Window Coverings…Really?
Yes, real men do design and install window coverings! The window coverings industry is a 9.1 billion dollar industry (KeyStat Marketing, 2012). Everyone needs window coverings–residential and commercial—and with Budget Blinds you can address every situation with our selection of blinds, shutters, shades, draperies, window film, screens and more. Our product offerings will never be out of style because we stay cutting-edge with home design trends and fashions; as they evolve, so do we.Some franchisees have shared the beauty of “you measure, you install, you leave and you’re done.” Yes, we stand behind all of our products and if there are problems you take care of them, but usually it’s a straight-forward transaction. You spend your time growing your business with new customers, referrals and repeat business. The buying cycle for window treatments is three to five years, so your good customer service is an investment in future business. Click here to view franchisee testimonies about their Budget Blinds experience. If you’ve been considering owning your own business and you’re ready to change your future, call 800-420-5374 today or go to to get more information about owning a Budget Blinds franchise.  Fill out a short contact form and you’re on your way to making 2015 the year you declared your career independence!