Less Moving, More Renovating

Moving can be expensive, even before factoring in the non-monetary costs like the stresses of packing and unpacking. This – combined with the lingering uncertainty about the housing market – has driven a significant number of consumers to forgo relocation and remain in their current homes. However, many of these homeowners aren’t simply staying put, they’re making changes. This is mostly done to not only increase property value, but to also transform their home into the dream home they’ve been envisioning for many years. There are three main approaches:

Basic Freshening Up:  It’s been said that the easiest way to update and/or transform a room is to paint it. With many color and finish options available, look for homeowners to breathe new life into their homes by painting one or more rooms.

Minor Renovations: Projects that help consumers improve the overall aesthetics in their homes, but don’t cause a major disruption to their routine, fall into this category. Examples include closet organization systems and new window coverings.

Larger Scale Renovations: If property owners foresee remaining where they are for an extended time, or see value in making larger improvements to their homes, they may be willing to invest in large scale renovations. Larger scale renovations no longer mean that homeowners have to endure weeks of work. Many franchises, founded on home based business ideas like Budget Blinds and Tailored Living, provide full services including initial consultations, measuring and product installation.

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*Source: Houselogic.com

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