Sometimes we think our present-day society is more stressful and difficult than any decade before, but since time began, work and its side effects have been felt by anyone holding down a job.

If going to work has lost its charm, maybe it’s time to become your own boss and take charge of your destiny with franchising

Statistics show that the average person will change jobs 10 to 15 times during their working career, going from that first job at the fast-food place to finally making it to your ultimate career goal. Many jobs are just stepping stones to what’s next and the reasons that people change jobs can vary.

  • Higher Pay
  • Your skills and abilities are not a good fit for the job
  • Family relocation or the company moves
  • Career advancement or changing career focus
  • Untenable working conditions; difficult boss or co-workers
  • Too much job stress
  • Burned out on the job

What does job burnout look like?

Job burnout can take many forms, but classic symptoms include:

  • Lack of motivation or enthusiasm to go to work
  • Exhaustion after a day’s work; too tired to care about anything
  • Dreading every Monday
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Over-complaining at home
  • Depression, mental fatigue, physical problems

Hard to believe a job could do all that, but work is a big part of a person’s life and when burnout creates a feeling of hopelessness and helplessness, life can become a grueling trial every day. If you find yourself a prisoner of your work life, escape could be just a click away! Home Franchise Concepts (HFC) is home to three franchise brands that could set you on the path to financial freedom and a job you love, by owning a franchise business and being your own boss.

A franchise is custom-made to what you want

Owning a franchise business puts you in control of your work and, ultimately, your life.

  • You determine the scale of your business
  • Your set your own hours and schedule
  • You select and train the team of folks you work with
  • You determine how much money you make by effort expended

HFC’s franchise brands are home-based businesses in the home services/home improvement industry that gives the option of being hands-on with installations or running the business if you’re a more administrative personality. You determine those areas of business you prefer to do yourself—sales, admin, marketing and installations—and build efficient teams for the rest. There is tremendous opportunity for creativity and variety, since the business models are built on in-home consultations and design. No two days are ever the same.

Budget Blinds® – custom window coverings, including blinds, shades, shutters, decorative window film and drapery styles for indoor/outdoor application, residential and commercial, including motorized window treatments

Helping customers beautify their surroundings with custom window coverings is a fulfilling and creative job

Tailored Living®  – whole home custom storage solutions like closet organization systems, home office design, pantry and laundry room storage, garage storage cabinets, and industrial-strength Premier One® garage flooring options for home and business

Installations for all kinds of home and garage custom storage solutions is ideal for the non-cubicle person who likes variety and physicality in their day

Concrete Craft® – custom decorative concrete overlays, including staining, stamping and resurfacing indoor and outdoor floors and hardscapes, such as walkways, driveways, patios and vertical surfaces like fireplaces, retaining walls and home siding

Creating gorgeous decorative concrete surfaces both inside and out breaks the monotony of an office job and every day brings a sense of accomplishment

If you’re feeling the burn when you’re not in exercise class, maybe it’s time to evaluate your job to see if it’s still meeting your needs for not only financial gain, but also fulfillment or happiness with what you do. Life is too short to stick with a job that makes you miserable. A franchise opportunity with HFC may be the right path for you to break out of that humdrum work prison and get back a passion for life by doing something you love. (Chances are you’ll sleep better and be much more agreeable to be around.)

Go online to Home Franchise Concepts or call 1-800-420-5374 today and learn about all that franchising has to offer toward work fulfillment and financial security and see if a Budget Blinds, Tailored Living or Concrete Craft franchise business opportunity is the proper fit for you.

If you’re a veteran, click here to learn how HFC and its family of brands assists veterans with becoming independent franchise business owners, including substantial discounts to purchase a franchise.