We’ve recently addressed how these temporary stay at home guidelines may offer an ideal opportunity to consider pivoting to a new career that offers greater control of your income potential, work schedule, and a host of other work-life balance factors. Owning your own home-based franchise business has become a popular choice for many who aspire to enhance their lives, while also providing a family legacy business with an established brand in the growing home services industry. We would like to show you how two of our newest franchisees, Doug and Michelle, turned their interest of owning their own franchise business into a reality. As you might expect, potential franchisees come from a diverse range of backgrounds.  In Doug’s case, he has worked in the aerospace industry since 1984.  He is currently a program manager for a NASA contractor. Michelle, who has a master’s degree in Women’s Health, has worked as an RN in surgical services at a medical center since 2018, and also worked in obstetrics for 18 years, and as a nurse practitioner for 2 years.

Doug and Michelle turned their interest of owning their own a home-based franchise business in Maryland into a reality.

For many, the right time is NOW.

Sheltering in place, stay at home time, however you want to describe it, you have probably had, and still do have, additional free time to explore the many benefits of a home-based franchise business. This exploratory or research phase can take some time, perhaps several days or even weeks. For many, such as Doug and Michelle, a franchise consultant helped provide the kind of objectivity they needed in order to feel confident they had made the right decision, which culminated in being rewarded with a new Budget Blinds franchise in Maryland. As you might expect, their initial research included several franchises in addition to those offered by Home Franchise Concepts® (HFC), the parent company that owns Budget Blinds®, Tailored Living® featuring Premier Garage®, Concrete Craft®, and AdvantaClean®.  Shares Michelle, “My husband and I had been working with a franchise consultant and Budget Blinds was presented to us as an option, along with three other franchises.  After performing our due diligence with all four franchises, we were able to narrow down our options to two.  We were introduced to Lisa McGill, the HFC Sales Advisor, by our franchise consultant and were able to continue investigating Budget Blinds by speaking with other franchisees and by attending weekly conference calls, where interested parties who were working with a Budget Blinds franchise advisor could ask a franchisee questions about their business.  We were so impressed with what we heard from the many franchisees we spoke to that we decided Budget Blinds was the ideal franchise for us.” Indeed, as with many critical decisions that involve a long-term commitment, hearing first-hand from those who have experienced business ownership and succeeded can play a vital role in making the right choice in a franchise selection.

Lisa McGill is one of several Home Franchise Concepts’ Sales Advisors who can help you through the investigative process.

One area that should be of prime consideration when evaluating a potential franchise is the level of support the franchisor provides. Are they responsive to the needs of their franchisees? Does the parent company adjust to changing market conditions? This was yet another area that Doug and Michelle felt Home Franchise Concepts excelled in. Doug continues, “The franchisees that we spoke to all said that Budget Blinds has a wonderful business model.  They said that since JM Family Enterprises purchased HFC, the business has even improved and they really feel that as franchisees, they are supported.  They also stated that both management and the vendors have gone out of their way to help franchisees through this difficult economic time, and that was extremely appealing to us.”

How your personal situation may affect your “now’s the time” opportunity.

Everyone is uniquely different, and so are our career trajectories.  As such, your current career path might be on a different trajectory compared to others. For many looking to make a change, simply controlling their own destiny in terms of job security and income potential is a deciding factor. For Doug and Michelle, more control over their work and ultimately their career was a big key. Doug shares, “I have worked as an aerospace program manager for a large government contractor for my entire career and I feel at this point in my life I want to do something different that involves managing my own business, rather than someone else’s business.  Frankly, I’m looking forward to being in control of my day to day activities and the opportunity and challenge of growing a business.  I want to be in control and reap the benefits of my hard work and dedication.  I’m adept at managing and dealing with customer demands and criticism, but I’d rather be in direct control of the service and customer satisfaction areas without having to cover for or rely on others who may not have the same perseverance and dedication.” For some, like Michelle, making a choice to own a home-based franchise business is the result of simply wanting to pursue a fresh, new direction. She continues, “I have been a registered nurse for over twenty years, and while I love what I do, I’m definitely ready for a new chapter in my life- one that will bring new challenges.”

While timing is important, don’t feel rushed into making this critical decision.

With such an important decision, it only makes sense to consider all the factors so it’s wise to take a somewhat systematic, even methodical approach to evaluating the ideal franchise opportunity. For Doug and Michelle, this process began in January of this year, and although the current coronavirus pandemic was not a big factor in their overall timing, they were appreciative of the extra considerations extended to them by HFC. “We had been exploring franchises since January 2020,” shares Doug. “With the idea of beginning operations in October and hoping by that time the economy would be opening up again.  As we explored HFC, we were impressed on how responsive they were to our concerns about recent conditions.  They have provided us with the ability to keep our initial expenses low and to gradually grow into this new business in these trying times.  They also informed us as to financing options that are now being offered by the SBA, which we eventually found to be very beneficial.”

Success equals commitment, from both the franchisor and the franchisee.

As with most things in life, success in owning a home-based franchise business can largely be attributed to the level of commitment. Sure, there are other important factors, such as marketing support, training, and product quality, but ultimately your effort and commitment, and the level of commitment from the franchise company, are the difference makers. For Doug and Michelle, the level of commitment from HFC was evident early on. From HFC’s responsiveness to their questions, to the positive culture that’s been established, and to the rapid response to navigating business considerations surrounding the current coronavirus pandemic, Budget Blinds and HFC have been outstanding. Michelle concludes, “Aside from the fact that we love the Budget Blinds business model, everyone we have encountered is so supportive and positive.  The one thing that impressed us the most in our exploratory phase was that in all of the many conversations we had with multiple franchisees, we never heard a single negative word spoken about the franchise.  Everyone seems genuinely happy and feels that they are supported.  They have all stated that they feel that JM Family Enterprises, the owners of Budget Blinds, really care about their franchisees and want them to succeed.  Plus, for Doug and me, it’s quite evident they have gone out of their way to help franchisees through the COVID 19 shutdown, and this really made us feel confident in our decision.”

There’s no better time than NOW!

Make sure you are ready to take advantage of the unique opportunities that owning a home-based franchise has to offer. Now’s the time to call 866-965-2161, or go online to Home Franchise Concepts and learn more about franchise ownership with HFC. One of our franchise licensing advisors will be happy to answer any questions you have and assist you with evaluating whether franchise ownership is right for you and which of our brands is the best fit—Budget Blinds, Tailored Living, Concrete Craft, or AdvantaClean.