What is an owner-operator franchise? With this franchise model, you’ll be involved in day-to-day operations, making it a rewarding career with financial promise.

The Owner-Operator franchisee hold the reins in the daily operations and management of the franchise business.


As implied by the name, this franchise model lets franchisees hold the reins in the daily operations and management of the business. This ownership style is perfectly suited for those who want total control over their investment and want to make all operational decisions. The drawback may be a greater time commitment, but it is ideal for anyone looking for a career change or who wants to be fully involved in all aspects of their business. This model is also perfect for first-time franchise owners, as you will learn the workings of your brand and its practices from the ground up and be able to confidently lead your team to success with the support and backing of your franchisor. As opposed to absentee and semi-absentee styles of franchise ownership, the owner-operator model is the most common.


An owner-operator franchise generally requires a lower level of financial investment than the absentee and semi-absentee models since you won’t be required to hire a high-salary manager to run the business in your absence. The money you save can go toward growing your business.


Franchisees who own and operate their business typically have a great degree of control over the way the franchise functions. You’ll be central to all components of the business. But you can also hand-pick a team of support staff and employees to assist. And through close supervision, you can ensure that your business runs the way you see fit. If you have the burning desire to be hands-on in the growth of your franchise, this model is likely an excellent choice for you.


Since this model of franchise ownership requires a daily presence, it probably isn’t the right avenue for investors hoping to maintain a separate career. But for dedicated owner-operators, the reward lies in the hard work, perseverance, and personal commitment to growing your business from the ground up.


As with the other types of franchise ownership, the right franchisor will provide you with all the training and support you need to operate your business and grow with success. The best training program will educate you about the higher-level functions of owning a business while also addressing all the hands-on aspects pertaining to your particular business and industry. For both first-time owners and experienced entrepreneurs, the owner-operator franchise model provides a level of support and autonomy for anyone seeking to take charge of their career and build toward the future.


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