November 11—Veterans Day in the U.S. and Remembrance Day in Canada—is a special day to honor our military heroes and Veterans, past and present, for the inestimable debt to all who serve in the Armed Forces. Honor and gratitude to our military should go beyond the “official” day of parades and speeches to every day, through supporting Veteran’s organizations, local and national fundraising activities, and personal donations to a charity of your choice.

If you enjoy a life of freedom and safety, thank a Veteran!

Home Franchise Concepts (HFC) and its family of brands, Budget Blinds®, Tailored Living®, Concrete Craft®, and AdvantaClean®, have been honoring and supporting Veterans for over 25 years. From special discounts for qualified Veterans to become franchise business owners to providing custom window blinds in specially adapted homes for severely injured Veterans through the Budget Blinds sponsorship with Homes for Our Troops, support initiatives for Veterans are woven into the very fabric of the company. This commitment to Veterans is why all four HFC franchise brands were included in Entrepreneur’s recently released Top 150 Franchises for Veterans for 2020.

Rankings are based on Veteran incentives and franchise support that create the best opportunities for Veterans to become franchise business owners

Across our brands, we have many Veteran franchise owners who have built very successful franchise businesses and, not surprisingly, use their ownership opportunity to reach out and help others. Creating jobs, making a difference in their local communities, and hiring Veterans as employees are just some of the perks they enjoy by being the boss and creating the work culture they desire. A thriving franchise business provides financial security for their own families and allows them the flexibility to give back in meaningful ways, including to fellow Veterans.

Paying it forward with fellow Veterans

Roger Reeder, AdvantaClean of West Nashville

  • Roger works closely with Veteran groups in his community to support healthy indoor air quality for sick and/or terminally ill Vets. Recently his four-man team spent a day at the home of a 65-year-old Veteran with Lou Gehrig’s disease and did air duct and dryer vent cleaning, adding gutter guard, and rerouting a cable wire that posed a tripping hazard. Team members donated the day at half pay or no pay, reflecting Roger’s belief in the power of helping people. His business is seven years strong.

Eric Stanton, Budget Blinds of Hudson Ohio

  • Eric gives back to charities and offer special discounts for Veterans, such as this month-of-November discount: An extra 10% off any window covering and no extra charges for installation, handling fees, and even covering sales tax. Business never suffers, he had a $100K June.

Jimmie Newton, Advantaclean of South Baldwin County

  • Jimmie is a 26-year Navy Veteran and his business partner, Stacey Kulp, is retired U.S. Army. In business just six months, both men strive to give back to their community. Most recently, their team provided complimentary vehicle sanitation services for their local First Responders.

Barry Hintz, AdvantaClean of Suburban Milwaukee

  • Barry is a Veteran of the U. S. Army and has made a commitment to serve and hire his fellow Veterans. His eight-year franchise business has been recognized with several national and local awards from Veterans groups for his service.

You don’t have to be a Veteran to honor a Veteran

Many HFC non-Veteran franchise owners also take steps to support Veterans through their businesses. As independent franchise business owners, they are free to give special discounts, donate time and expertise to community projects, and support the many Veteran initiatives of HFC over the years, such as Homes for Our Troops, Wounded Warriors Canada, Designing Spaces’ Military Makeover, and NBC’s George to the Rescue.

Jeffrey and Linda Schield, Budget Blinds of North San Antonio

  • Since 2016, Jeffrey and Linda Schield have donated their time and expertise to install faux wood blinds in 17 Homes for Our Troops (HFOT) specially adapted, mortgage-free homes for severely injured Veterans. San Antonio is a very strong military community and they are always available to install the blinds to make the homes special for Veterans and their families.

David Alvarado, Tailored Living of Boulder

  • David gave a special WWII-Vet-Half-Off-Deal to 90-something WWII Army Veteran, John Dean. The discount and extra perks included the custom epoxy floor coating and complimentary baseboard, chair rail, and painting the garage walls. He admits it cost some extra time and money but was worth every minute and every penny. (Read more of the story: Happiness is a Dream Garage for a World War II Veteran)

Happier days ahead for Veteran John Dean due to the generosity and compassion of Veteran David Alvarado

Wendi Bollero, Tailored Living of Northwest Arkansas

  • Wendi is the daughter of Sergeant Hutchinson, a Vietnam Veteran killed in 1968 when she was only five years old. She recently met three Veterans who knew her dad. One is Ed Kelley, a fellow soldier whose life he saved, one is a trauma nurse, and another is someone who was with him the morning of the day he died. Author David Rose has helped tell her father’s story through interviews to the Library of Congress for the 50th Commemoration of the Vietnam War project. Wendi wanted to honor her dad as well as highlight the tenacity, strength, heroism, and love that personify the service and sacrifice of all Veterans.
  • Link to book: Red Beach Pipeline: A Gold Star Daughter and a Vietnam War Veteran find each other after 50 years of searching
  • Link to video: Red Beach Pipeline — The Wendi and Ed Story

Veteran franchise owners are primed for success

By applying the skills and disciplines mastered in the military, Veteran franchise owners are well on their way to success as an independent franchise business owner. Being a strong leader, training a team, working a proven system, and executing effective time management are crucial elements of building a business. With a clear, defined goal and a “mission-first” mentality, Veteran franchise owners build successful businesses to be proud of!

Mark Sisco, Concrete Craft of Colorado Springs

  • Mark is a 26-year retired U.S. Army Colonel. He was contracted by the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs to complete a derailed project, the renovation of the Southeast Asia Memorial Pavilion that honors those who graduated the Air Force Academy and served in Vietnam. Two previous contractors had made a mess with unsuccessful attempts, but Concrete Craft was able to accomplish what others could not by completely restoring the 8,000 sq. ft. project with beautiful decorative concrete. Mark’s professionalism and expertise will bring this year’s sales total to over $1.3 million.

The newly resurfaced Pavilion plaza, before and after, with the kind of beauty this memorial deserves

Ed Burns, Budget Blinds of Costa Mesa, Laguna Hills & Laguna Beach, San Clemente

  • Ed was a career Marine Corps Officer until his retirement from active duty. He joined the HFC franchise family in 2014 through the Home Franchise Concepts’ Million Dollar Franchise Event that awarded unprecedented discounts to Veterans. He started with a single territory in Costa Mesa, and by 2019 had expanded to three territories.

Steve Adams, Tailored Living of Niceville, FL

  • Steve is a U.S. Army Veteran, and he and his wife, Teresa, just celebrated five years in business. They have enjoyed double-digit increases in business for over three years.

Kevin Melton, Tailored Living of West Chester OH

  • Kevin is a U.S. Army Veteran and a franchise business owner for over five years with partner, Denny Rupp. They have seen huge revenue increases the last two years.

Join a franchise company that supports Veterans every day

If you’re a Veteran seeking more than just a job or are struggling with making the transition to a civilian career, owning a franchise business with HFC may be the pathway to a fulfilling future. You’ll be your own boss with the support of an international franchise company that is dedicated to your success. Call 1-800-420-5374 today or go online to Home Franchise Concepts to learn more about the real possibility of owning a franchise business. To assist Veterans with becoming independent franchise business owners, substantial fee discounts are available with each brand. Check out Discounted Fees Welcome Military Veterans To Franchise Ownership and see what each brand has to offer.

Happy Veterans Day and Remembrance Day from HFC!