Top Home-Based Businesses for Sale to Consider

There are approximately 16 million home-based businesses currently operating in the U.S., so it’s not surprising that running a business from home is attractive to many people who are looking to build wealth and have more balance in their lives. There are two ways to do that: start a home-based business from scratch or take a look at home-based businesses for sale, such as franchises.

At Home Franchise Concepts, Home Franchise Concepts we have 10 franchise options, and two are home-based opportunities. Here’s our advice on choosing a home-based business, having worked with thousands of people who have transitioned from corporate America into becoming a franchise owner with us.

Home-Based Business Opportunities

Home-based businesses often cost less to operate than out-of-home businesses because there are no expenses for rent, utilities, maintenance, etc. Assuming you meet the municipal regulations to operate from home, you can also benefit from tax deductions for using your home as a workspace. Lower expenses contribute to your net profits, which can propel the right home-based business to success.

Shopify provides an overview of home-based businesses, along with suggestions on businesses you could start (using their platform, of course!). But remember, you’ve got a lot of options, so you don’t necessarily have to start a home-based business; you could look at home-based businesses for sale.

Franchises: Home-Based Businesses for Sale

Home Franchise Concepts brands include two strong work-from-home opportunities. Our franchises provide a great balance of maximizing home-office benefits while still getting you out in the community and engaging with customers and your franchisee network.

Our two home-based franchise opportunities:

  • Budget Blinds. We are the No. 1 window-covering franchise in North America and have been established since 1992. Every week, franchisees install 50,000 blinds, shades, shutters, draperies, and smart home solutions across North America!
  • Aussie Pet Mobile. Aussie Pet Mobile is a high-quality pet grooming service that you perform at the customer’s home with a fully equipped mobile grooming van.

Our franchise opportunities show you don’t have to be stuck behind a computer screen all day to pursue your dream of owning a business and building wealth. You may also choose to buy an existing franchise as a way to jump into a turnkey business operation.

2 Tips to Keep in Mind

When you’re looking at opportunities to run a business from home, there are two important factors to keep in mind: inventory and expertise.

Businesses that come with no inventory, or with inventory that can be easily stored, are the best home-based opportunities. If you need a storage area beyond your home office, you should know that in advance. At Home Franchise Concepts, we go through everything you need to launch your business.

When exploring opportunities, be sure you have the expertise and skills to operate the business. Home Franchise Concepts provides training and support so you can confidently operate the business. There’s also a network and franchisor team at your disposal as well. Your best path to building wealth is to be proficient in your operation and create a history of satisfied customers.

Talk to Home Franchise Concepts

We recommend you look at franchise opportunities for two reasons. First, you get an idea of businesses that can be run from home. Second, proven business models provide security if you’re new to running a business or if you’re looking to transition out of corporate America more quickly.

We welcome your call about our home-based business opportunities. Fill out our online franchise form and a member of our franchise team will reach out. Let’s start the conversation that could be the first step in getting your business up and running!