HFC Advanced Training Keeps our Franchise Owners on the Cutting Edge

Home Franchise Concepts (HFC), home to three home services franchise brands, knows that training is essential to any successful franchise endeavor. Training in product knowledge, business practices, marketing, and sales are all needed, including “hands-on” practical training for installations. Training is not just a one-time event; to keep a business relevant and growing, on-going and advanced training is necessary to stay on the cutting edge and ahead of the competition.

And that is exactly where HFC wants every franchise owner of Budget Blinds®, Tailored Living® and Concrete Craft® to be … out in front and at the top of their game!

Vendor support includes regional training sessions to keep our franchisees up-to-date with the latest as new programs and products roll out

Dedicated to excellence in training

That is the reason the HFC business models are so focused on training, taking seriously the responsibility to provide exemplary, cohesive and comprehensive training in all areas. No franchise owner has to figure things out for him or herself.  The “Yellow Brick Road” (a.k.a., our proven business model) is already in place.  Dan Tafoya, President of Tailored Living, recently told a new class of franchise business owners, “Follow the model. It has solid policies and procedures.”

This advice applies to each of the three HFC franchise business models since they all offer a solid foundation for building a successful business:

  • Initial two-weeks of new owner intensive training
  • Extensive Operations Manuals covering core curriculum
  • A strong Franchise Support Department with Business Specialists and Coaches who are dedicated to assisting owners with their ongoing training
  • Vendor Alliance online webinars and regional training opportunities are facilitated by vendor reps
  • Neighboring franchisees support each other and help from a seasoned owner is only a phone call away
  • In-depth online training and educational videos
  • Weekly and quarterly email communications from Corporate with news, reminders, training tips in all areas of business and quick links to valuable training and information
  • Annual Conventions packed full of information, training and networking

Additionally, each brand has initiated advanced continuing education training opportunities designed to propel franchise owners to excellence, with customized programs and training inherent to the specific and unique needs of each business.

Budget Blinds

Advanced training in window coverings with Budget Blinds takes several forms, including online resources, regional meetings and specialty training classes.

  • Online resources include webinars, “how-to” audio and video materials, and the annual Continuing Education Calendar that provides a schedule of all training events throughout the year. Events are cataloged and the format (webinar, classroom certification, elearning) is identified so each owner can plan their own training, covering advanced sales, customer service, marketing and lead generation, social media, business education and cash flow, installation and repairs, and more.
  • Every year, 28 regional SAMS (Sales and Marketing Seminars) meetings take place in the U.S. and Canada with face-to-face intensive training, networking and feedback to Corporate. We talk, you listen; you talk, we listen. SAMS’s goals include, increasing sales, fostering uniformity of the Budget Blinds brand, highlighting Corporate updates, and providing more in-depth training on key areas of your business.
  • Inspired Drapes Drapery School is offered four times a year to help franchisees master soft treatment sales and design. A five-day intensive course covers skill assessment, drapery hardware, motorization, principles of design, advanced measuring, soft window treatments, fabrics and patterns, draperies and valances, hands-on installation, pillows and bedding, with a certification at the end of the course.

The annual convention brings together Corporate, franchise owners and our preferred vendors for a time of advanced training, Best Practices sessions, product introductions and more

Tailored Living

Tailored Living encompasses whole home organization with innovative home storage and organization solutions, so proficiency with the products and installation techniques is mandatory.

Installation videos on all products, for beginner and advanced, can help to train new installers and refresh seasoned professionals

  • Online resources include installation quick tips and instructions for all products, training recordings for all phases of business, new monthly webinars (and archives of previous ones), video series for closet installations and specialty flooring installation and New Owner Training Sessions for a franchisee’s first year of business. Great for a refresher or training new personnel, and everything is online for your convenience.
  • Decorative Slab University, SlabU, is a three-day seminar on advanced flooring training and is presented multiple times during the year for franchise owners and their staff. The training event features hands-on product demonstrations and classroom education by our preferred vendor for garage floor products. Learn techniques for the unique floor coatings, restoration of slabs in poor condition, and proper use of recommended floor prep equipment. Additionally, classroom time includes in-depth information on the variety of chemicals in the floor coating industry, their behaviors and performance characteristics.
  • A Post-Training Program is in place to supplement and expand on the initial two-weeks training, carrying a new franchise owner through the first nine months in business. Stage 1—Building the foundation, Stage 2—Setting up for Success, Stage 3—Going Live, Stage 4—An Operational Business, Stage 5—Measuring against the plan, and Stage 6—Continued Growth.

Concrete Craft

The initial two weeks of training at the Concrete Craft headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, is the official “welcome to the family” for you and your installer. When you graduate, you’ll have learned how to set up your franchise business as well as proprietary application techniques in all three profit centers—decorative concrete, stamped concrete, and stained concrete.  John Kostro, President and Co-founder of Concrete Craft, shares the vision:  “Not only do we have a business model that works, we also provide our franchise owners with all the tools necessary to aggressively market in their territories, as well as provide them with on-going training and support. We are very hands-on with our franchisees and feel very passionate about their success.”

Lots of hands-on learning from the finest installers and trainers in the business

  • Your franchise support team provides on-going training for setting up all your business systems and procedures, ensuring you get a good start. They are there at any time in your business cycle, not just the beginning, to field questions on insurance selection, licenses, advertising, software, payroll, office management, managing crews and best field practices.
  • Experienced installers are available to come and assist you in the field when unusual or highly technical jobs require more than just a phone call regarding product questions, concrete mixes and installation procedures.
  • Personal coaching and online webinars keep you up to date on new ideas in the industry and are a good refresher for best practices for your entire business. The annual, interactive convention (a.k.a., Franchise Owner Meeting) shares the latest in research and development and best practices from the field, including introducing new products and techniques.

So although you’re an independent franchise business owner, you certainly don’t have to run your business alone. You become part of a nationwide network of individuals, like yourself, dedicated to excellence in business, proficiency and customer service. Never stop learning and your business will flourish and grow. Go online to Home Franchise Concepts or call 1-800-420-5374 today to determine which brand–Budget Blinds, Tailored Living or Concrete Craft–is the best fit for you.

If you’re a veteran, click here to learn how the HFC family of brands assists veterans with becoming independent franchise business owners by offering substantial discounts to purchase a franchise.

“Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better.” –Pat Riley, former coach and player in the NBA

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