Way before iPods, Bing Crosby singing “White Christmas” in the movie by the same name took the world by storm.  Another Irving Berlin song from the same movie, “What Can You Do With A General?” was not as well-known, but it addressed a serious issue of the time—veterans of WWII returning home to no job prospects.

“What can you do with a general
When he stops being a general?
Oh, what can you do with a general who retires?

Who’s got a job for a general
When he stops being a general?
They all get a job but a general no one hires” (lyrics by Irving Berlin)

Today, our post 9/11 veterans are faced with much the same thing, a suspicion that a veteran may not be a valid potential hire. Home Franchise Concepts (HFC), parent company to franchise brands Budget Blinds, Tailored Living and American Decorative Coatings (a.k.a. Concrete Craft), not only doesn’t believe that, but encourages veterans to become franchise business owners within their franchise network by offering veteran incentives and discounts.

In 2014, Ed Burns retired from the Marine Corps after 20+ years and is now a franchise owner of Budget Blinds serving Costa Mesa, CA, having come in through HFC’s Million Dollar Franchise Event (MDFE). Burns was recently featured in the Orange County Register, sharing his story and how HFC “came to the rescue” with a substantial discount to buy his franchise. Click here to read the full article.

HFC champions veterans with various entrepreneurial and community service programs to support and give back to veterans. With 10% veteran franchise owners in the network, Chad Hallock, CEO and President of HFC, knows the value veterans bring to business.

“The training, discipline, and teamwork instilled in members of the U.S. and Canadian Armed Forces prepare every veteran for a successful role as a franchise business owner. Our goal is to provide significant financial incentives to make a veteran’s transition into the civilian workforce a smooth and successful one.”

For more information about HFC’s veteran support programs and franchising opportunities, visit www.homefranchiseconcepts.com.