The world of franchising is often shrouded in myths and misconceptions that, if believed, can either drive someone away from franchising, or have them buy in for the wrong reasons, such as franchising is a get-rich-quick scheme. Any successful business requires investment, commitment, and hard work. Becoming an independent franchise business owner, however, is an excellent way for a first-time entrepreneur to start their own business, supported by a franchise company that is dedicated to their success, such as Home Franchise Concepts (HFC) and its family of brands, Budget Blinds®, Tailored Living®, Concrete Craft® and AdvantaClean®.

Franchise ownership gives you a head start to a successful business, based on the proven business model and established track record of the franchisor

Common misconceptions about owning a franchise

There’s a lot of misinformation floating around about franchising. Some of this misinformation casts a “rose-colored-glasses” picture and some of it too bleak a picture. Here is a list of 10 emphatically wrong ideas about franchise ownership:

  • Franchising is too expensive
  • I am too young/too old to start a franchise business
  • I need a business degree or sales experience to succeed
  • It should be in a field I already know
  • The newest, hottest trend is a good franchise opportunity
  • A franchisor exerts too much control over my business
  • I won’t have any say about advertising and marketing
  • I will have to work both day and night to make it work
  • A franchise business takes care of itself; the brand name sells it
  • Once I buy in, I’m on my own

If any of these preconceived ideas about franchising have kept you from pursuing your dream of owning a franchise business, read on to see how HFC can help you realize that dream, starting today.

What a successful franchise company looks like

First and foremost, any franchisor worth your consideration should be dedicated to the success of its franchisees. Selling franchises is not the bottom line, growing prosperous franchise business owners is the key to a successful franchise network. Here are five essentials of a reliable franchise business opportunity and HFC excels in every area:

  • A proven business model that has already turned out successful franchisees.
  • Complete training in every aspect of the business, including product knowledge, sales, marketing, and business management systems.
  • Brand recognition and a good reputation in the marketplace.
  • A sophisticated and comprehensive marketing program that drives brand awareness.
  • A family of happy and successful franchisees–the best indicator of a franchise’s viability.

For over 25 years, HFC has been turning out successful franchise business owners and is one of the leading franchisors in North America with over 1,800 franchise territories across its four award-winning brands in the home improvement/home services industry: Budget Blinds, Tailored Living, Concrete Craft and AdvantaClean. With any of the HFC franchise brands, you’ll receive all the support and training you need to build a business to be proud of.

Your ultimate level of business success depends on you

While this comprehensive support infrastructure gives you a significant advantage as well as all the tools you’ll need to create the business you want, the level of success you achieve depends on you. As a franchise owner, you bypass the critical and time-consuming startup activities of product development, brand launch, market strategizing, vendor selection, and setting up business systems—that’s already done! However, you still have to do the necessary work to build a growing, successful franchise business. The rewards of taking charge of your life and being your own boss serve as the catalysts to propel you on and make getting up each morning an adventure:

  • Freedom to live the lifestyle you want
  • Job security and the ability to work as you choose
  • A team of employees who share your values and work ethic
  • Set your own business and financial goals; you determine how much you make
  • If you love sales and design, hire installers and office admin
  • If you love running the business, hire a sales and design team

Take control of your career and financial future and go the distance as an independent franchise business owner

Franchise business opportunities designed for success

HFC and its family of brands have refined the business models to ensure the greatest potential for success for every franchise owner. Everything about the franchise network is designed to support, encourage, and build up its franchise owners.

  • Low initial fees (with discounts for Veterans)
  • Home-based businesses, low overhead
  • Protected territories, never any in-network competition
  • Flat marketing fees so you keep more of what you earn
  • In-depth training and ongoing support with regional coaches and virtual training programs
  • Vendor alliance programs ensure high-quality products at the best prices available
  • Strong national brands with good reputations for customer service
  • Coordinated national marketing initiatives and local area marketing tools
  • Extensive, effective social media reach, including TV, radio and print
  • Regional meetings and annual conventions to stay connected
  • No age restrictions, HFC franchise owners range from Millennials to Baby Boomers

Now that we’ve cleared up the confusion about franchise myths and misconceptions, it’s time for you to take that first step of in-depth investigation into becoming an independent franchise business owner. Go online to Home Franchise Concepts or call 1-800-420-5374 today and speak with one of our franchise licensing advisors who will be more than happy to answer any questions you have and help you determine if franchising is the right career move for you. Learn more about each individual brand’s franchise opportunity and see which one best fits your dream of business ownership: