One of the biggest advantages to opening a franchise business instead of an independent operation is the comprehensive training and ongoing support you stand to receive from your franchisor. Franchise training should be among your top priorities when basing your decision on a franchise. The right franchisor will have a strong system in place to not only prepare you for opening day but set you on course for long-term success. Here are some of the tools and training you can expect from your franchisor.

When you choose to franchise with any one of Home Franchise Concepts brands, you can expect comprehensive and ongoing training and support.


The focus of franchise training programs is on equipping franchise business owners to develop their skills, understand of the brand, and relationship with the franchisor in order to grow their business. Through all phases of the training process, franchisees are schooled on operational procedures and company standards.

During the training, franchisees are groomed on entrepreneurial tasks, communication skills, maintaining brand consistency, cultivating a passion for work, keeping oneself and others motivated, and many other topics.

Your operations manual should also give you further insights into the values, culture, and overall mission of your franchise, all things that will eventually become second nature to you and the employees that you may choose to take on.


While certain aspects may vary depending on the industry, franchise model, business size, and financial commitments, be sure to do your due diligence both before and after signing your Franchise Agreement to ensure that you are getting the most comprehensive training and support that your franchisor can provide to help you run your business at its highest potential.

Regardless of the industry or franchise type, there are typically three ways through which franchise owners receive training:

  • Training at headquarters: Conducted either digitally or at a main franchise office, this stage of training introduces new franchisees to key members of their executive leadership team and helps familiarize them with important details about how their particular business model works. This training typically lasts around a week, and includes evaluations conducted in order to ensure that franchisees are fully prepared for the next steps in running their business.
  • On-site training: Aside from strictly online and home-based franchise models, on-site training takes place at new franchise locations and is designed to familiarize franchisees (and their employees) with standard operating procedures and best practices for their particular franchise brand. This training helps set up franchisees to run their business at its maximum potential from Opening Day forward.
  • Ongoing training: Just like with an instrument or a sport, the best, most effective franchise training is not a one-off event. Training is a practice, and franchisees must stay current with changes in brand direction, products/services, market trends, and more. Ongoing resources provided by the franchisor can help keep franchisees on top of their game throughout the lifetime of their business relationship. It’s also important for franchisees to provide feedback and address any challenges or roadblocks to optimize the business for everyone involved.


When you franchise with any one of Home Franchise Concepts’ home services industry-leading brands, you can expect comprehensive and ongoing training and franchise support, whether you are new to the field, new to franchising, or an experienced veteran in either industry. At Home Franchise Concepts, we understand that we do not succeed unless YOU do, so our team of industry experts is prepared to do everything we can to support you through your franchising journey.


Home Franchise Concepts brands utilize a hybrid, all-inclusive franchise training model to maximize the benefits of both in-person and online learning to help you prepare to run your business. And training doesn’t end when your business opens. Home Franchise Concepts is committed to helping you—and the brand as a whole—continue to evolve and improve while making sure everyone is equipped for growth. Our franchisees are given the independence to run their own businesses but will never have to feel like they’re going it alone.

To learn more about franchising opportunities with the Home Franchise Concepts family of brands, contact us today.