Former Army Sniper Turned Budget Blinds Entrepreneur Featured on The Plain Dealer Newspaper

One of our newest Budget Blinds franchise business owners is Matt Boris of Budget Blinds serving Independence, Ohio. Matt is 31 years old and came onboard through the Troops in Transition program that allows qualified, post-9/11 veterans to start a franchise business with no initial entry fee. His story was recently featured on, a local news site.

As with many people, Matt had career plans all mapped out when he went into the Army, but after a few years he realized he needed a Plan B: “I had to figure out what I was going to do when I returned to civilian life.”

He was working in sales when he was introduced to Budget Blinds through his wife, Maria, and her friend who is a successful Budget Blinds franchise owner. The Troops in Transition program pretty much sealed the deal by waiving the entry fee, and Matt was ready for the challenge of owning a business and putting in the sweat-equity to make it successful. “An amazing opportunity fell into my lap; I seized it, and I couldn’t be happier at the moment. Owning your own business is a ton of work, and in the end no one can make it a success except you.”

To read Matt’s compelling story of transitioning from Army sniper to franchise entrepreneur, click here.

The Troops in Transition program provides qualified veterans who have left active duty within the past two years an opportunity to own a Budget Blinds franchise. Although the initial entry fee is waived, there is a six-month trial period as a franchisee where they are required to meet financial milestones set by the corporate team at Home Franchise Concepts (HFC), parent company to Budget Blinds.

10% of Budget Blinds franchise owners are military veterans. To learn more about how HFC supports veterans and assists them with becoming independent business owners, go to:

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