A vital element in the success of any franchise business is training. Initial training sets a new franchise owner on solid ground and provides the tools for success. On-going training ensures that a franchise business owner will continue to grow in all areas of business:  product knowledge, business practices, marketing and sales.

Home Franchise Concepts (HFC) is the parent company of three franchise brands: Budget Blinds®, Tailored Living® and, our newest brand, Concrete Craft® recently All American Decorative Concrete). With three such “hands-on” businesses, there is a critical need for instructional and practical training, and HFC is dedicated to providing comprehensive training in all areas.

  • Initial two-week training classes at Corporate
  • Extensive Operations Manuals
  • Assigned Business Coaches
  • Vendor Alliance online webinars and onsite franchisee training by reps
  • Specialty training such as the Budget Blinds quarterly, five-day Inspired Drapes Drapery School
  • Mentor franchisees in neighboring territories
  • Sales and Marketing regional training seminars (SAMS)
  • In-depth online training and educational videos
  • Annual Conventions packed full of information, training and networking

Effective training sets up a win/win

There is no benefit to bringing on a new franchise owner and not giving them the best training possible. Franchisor/franchisee is a symbiotic relationship that only flourishes when both parties are top of their game and giving their best. For the franchisor, part of that is providing exemplary, cohesive and comprehensive training. For the franchisee, it’s accepting the training (not second-guessing, reinventing the wheel, etc.) and committing to continuing to learn through all available training channels (webinars, online resources and on-going education opportunities).

Chip Tighe, Vice President of Tailored Living, stresses the importance of effective training: “We want happy franchisees making money, and we want [them] to stay in business!

It’s true. The real success of a franchise is in how happy and successful the individual, independent franchise business owners are.

At HFC, even the founders participate in training. After all, they have 20+ years in the business and have worked it from the ground up. Who better to share the business model and best business practices? Brent Hallock, Executive Vice President and co-founder, is a great favorite during training, teaching everything you need to know for successful sales presentations.

It’s a great organization. Brent [would] make a great motivational speaker. The guy’s fantastic…[and it’s obvious] that they truly have our best interests at heart and that’s one of the things that makes me feel confident in making a 10-year commitment to the franchise.”  –Steve Linnenmeyer, new Budget Blinds franchise owner

Training should build knowledge, skills and confidence

All three HFC franchise brands involve installation: window coverings, custom closets, home and garage storage solutions, garage flooring and decorative concrete. Comprehensive training involves both head knowledge and the practical skills to make it happen. All instructors are individuals with years of experience who are part of the HFC family, or vendor reps that are long-time manufacturing partners who know the products inside-out and are totally committed to every franchisee’s success.

Every training event is designed to benefit both new and seasoned franchisees; there’s never any fluff:

Budget Blinds Franchisee Initial Training Class (two weeks)                

Budget Blinds Franchisees in Training

Classroom instruction and hands-on installation training equip new franchisees for success

  •  You guys are masters at identifying your strengths and teaching them to us. Thank you.
  • Great job; fantastic staff. Looking [forward] to a long and mutually fruitful relationship.
  • Very impressive. Much more value than I expected.
  • I’m real excited about it, after going through the training after the first day of canvassing, I wanted to go out there and start canvassing right away.
  • Everyone who has taught us has been extremely knowledgeable; the hands-on portion has been amazing. I just can’t wait to get started and take on the challenge.
  • I’m really motivated by the original founders and what they did and I think we can do it too.

Inspired Drapes Drapery School (one week)

  • I think this was great. There are so many aspects to learn about soft fashions and…I am happy to have had at least a week to learn all of this.
  • I took pride in everything that I learned, but I loved learning that when in doubt, call the experts!
  • Great training. I am 100% ready to try and sell soft.
  • Great education; really have many new ideas.
Inspired Drapes Training at Budget Blinds

March 2015 Inspired Drapes Drapery School graduating class, ready to beautify the world’s windows

Tailored Living Franchise Initial Training Class (two weeks)

Tailored Living Training Class

Hands-on and masks-on installation of a PremierOne garage floor coating during the Tailored Living two-week training class

  • The training eliminated concerns and provided a certain level of confidence.
  • Sales process…D’Vinci designs…very excited about what they do.
  • The most valuable part–the hands-on design and flooring sessions.
  • Great overall experience! Awesome team!
  • I believe I will be more effective as a designer.
  • Exceeded all my expectations.

SAMS Regional Training Meetings (Sales and Marketing Seminars)

  • Every year it is refreshing and gives uplift to my attitude. ALWAYS take away multiple things to improve myself and my business. Best practices are always the best part of SAMS.
  • Eight years, eight SAMS—always beneficial!
  • This year’s focus on sales (closing the sale on the spot) is going to help change our attitude about closing on the first visit and could really help.
  • Where else can you talk about your business with people who understand?

Building relationships; building business

Relationships are another building block to success, and during any training, franchisees are encouraged to forge bonds with each other, building a network of support across the franchise family. It’s been said there’s no such thing as a dumb question, and asking and answering questions is an integral part of learning from each other’s challenges and successes and growing together as a force to reckon with in the home improvement industry!  (Budget Blinds has been recognized as top franchise in the country by Entrepreneur® Magazine, ranked #1 in category for 2015 and each year since 1996.)

“It’s great to get around others with the same problems and needs that I face. Most have the answers and people really work hard to provide [an] answer…” –Dave Phillips, SAMS Colorado

In fact, many of our franchisees come into the business because of family members or someone they know who owns a flourishing HFC franchise. They see, up close and personal, the strength and value of a strong franchise network and know that with either a Budget Blinds, Tailored Living or Concrete Craft franchise, there will be the necessary support and training to be successful.

If you are looking at franchising or considering a career change, HFC may be exactly what you’re looking for! If you’re ready to be your own boss, call 1-800-420-5374 today or go online to Home Franchise Concepts and begin a journey that may change your life.

If you are a veteran or will soon be exiting any branch of the military, HFC has special programs to assist veterans with becoming independent franchise business owners. Click here to learn how HFC and its family of brands support veterans.