Closets and Home Office Rank High for Potential Buyers

With the rise of younger consumers purchasing homes, it is a great time to be in the market for whole home organization! According to this article titled “5 Things Home Buyers Want in 2013,” by Forbes, this youthful generation is looking for lavish features to meet their high-tech needs. This is where closet franchise, Tailored Living, comes in.

Specializing in whole home organization, Tailored Living offers great closet franchise opportunities for individuals interested in this growing market. Ranking number two out of five on the article’s list, “Carrie Bradshaw closets” are a huge priority for potential home buyers.  Having more space for organization, clothing, and shoes never goes out of style and many consumers are interested in not only renovating their closets, but expanding them as well!

Ranking third on the list are home offices. With the dominance of online ventures and business, more companies are encouraging employees to work from home. It is at the top of many buyers’ wish lists to have a home office already equipped with built-in desks, shelving, and cabinets to meet all of their organization needs. Tailored Living franchisees are also well versed in home office remodeling and organization.

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