Small Business Saturday is November 21 in Canada and November 28 in the U.S. The goal of Small Business Saturday is to highlight the incredible contributions made by small businesses everywhere and to remind consumers of just how local, small businesses benefit them every day:

  • Neighborhood small businesses help their communities thrive
  • Personal relationships with owners ensure good customer service
  • Local businesses provide regional products like locally grown honey and garden-fresh produce
  • Dining and shopping at local small businesses creates jobs

You can take pride in the many ways your small business directly impacts your community

As an independent franchise business owner with Home Franchise Concepts (HFC), you are a valuable contributing member of your community—the owner of a local, small business enterprise. All four of the HFC brands, Budget Blinds, Tailored Living®, Concrete Craft®, and AdvantaClean®, bring exceptional products and services along with superior customer service and convenience that can’t be beat with at-home or virtual consultations. All our franchise owners are local, trusted experts who proudly serve their communities.

Small businesses are a big boon to local communities

In addition to the personal benefits that individual customers enjoy from shopping locally, the HFC nationwide network of small business franchise owners contributes expansive and ongoing benefits to the local communities-at-large:

  • The money that consumers spend locally on shopping, dining, entertainment, and home services stays within the community benefitting all the residents.
  • Business taxes go directly back into community support and essential services, including police, fire, schools, improved roads, community services, and public libraries.
  • Local small businesses multiply their positive impact by, in turn, patronizing other local businesses like accountants, banks, attorneys, tax services, printers, janitorial, and office supply.
  • Local businesses provide job opportunities for residents who then shop local businesses for lunch, quick shopping trips, and gassing up the car.
  • As permanent members of the community, local businesses strive to provide exceptional customer service to encourage repeat business and generate referrals and good reviews.
  • Local businesses thrive as one-of-a-kind and distinctive character shops, celebrating a community’s own culture and supporting the “Buy American-Made” ideology.
  • Business owners involve in their communities as private citizens and participate in civic affairs, voting, and running for local offices.
  • Community businesses contribute to local non-profits, and sponsor teams and sporting events.
  • A community of independent, small businesses is a catalyst for new entrepreneurs to make the move to business ownership and economic security.
  • A diversity of locally owned businesses ensures economic security for a community, with jobs and livelihoods not dependent upon one huge conglomerate that, by moving out of the area, can shut down a town.

Build a local business with a national footprint

As a small business owner within the HFC family of brands, you have the backing of an international company that is one of the largest franchise companies in North America with 1,800 franchise territories. Home Office efforts ensure widespread brand-name recognition for all the brands to undergird the local area marketing efforts of all its franchise owners. While generating local marketing initiatives that are tailored specifically to your area, your brand is constantly being promoted on the national level via TV, radio, social media, and print. Other advantages of a small business with a national footprint include:

  • Opportunities and resources that would not be available as a small, independent business owner such as Home Office teams of professional marketers and comprehensive IT support.
  • You can plug into years of knowledge, experience, and industry secrets that you would otherwise have to learn for yourself.
  • Advantageous pricing for products and services due to Vendor Alliance programs based on the size and strength of the whole franchise network.

Low-cost, home-based franchises with HFC are available throughout North America

Build a secure future as a franchise business owner

If you’ve ever wanted to own a business and be your own boss, HFC’s four franchise brands offer the opportunity to build a business in the thriving, multi-billion-dollar home services/home improvement industry. HFC’s franchise owners offer products and services that are in-demand and timeless, while staying relevant and ahead of the competition with styles and technologies that keep pace with an ever-evolving consumer landscape. You can be that on-trend small business owner that keeps your community up to date. Benefits of joining the HFC franchise family network include:

  • Solid business model with over 25 years of proven success.
  • Low initial investment and low overhead.
  • Set your hours and schedule for the work/life balance you desire.
  • Shop-at-home sales model for customer convenience, including virtual consultations.
  • No experience necessary, comprehensive training in every area of building your business.
  • Scalable business with one or multiple territories.
  • Your hand-picked teams for sales, design, admin, marketing, and installation.
  • Ongoing, in-depth online training, educational videos, and webinars.
  • Exclusive territories with both residential and commercial revenue streams.
  • Substantial discounts to Veterans who want to become franchise business owners.

Small Business Saturday is a good time to not only patronize and support your neighborhood businesses, but to also consider joining the ranks of the small business owners in your community. Take control of your future by becoming an independent franchise business owner with HFC with a Budget Blinds, Tailored Living, Concrete Craft, or AdvantaClean franchise. Go online to Home Franchise Concepts or call 1-800-420-5374 today to learn more. Talking with one of our franchise licensing advisors can help you determine if franchise ownership is right for you.