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How Does an Owner-Operator Franchise Work?

What is an owner-operator franchise? With this franchise model, you’ll be involved in day-to-day operations, making it a rewarding career with financial promise. The Owner-Operator franchisee hold the reins in the daily operations and management of the franchise business. WHAT IS AN OWNER-OPERATOR FRANCHISE? As implied by the name, this franchise model lets [...]

Semi-Absentee Franchise Examples and Options

Semi-Absentee Franchise Examples and Options Run a business while pursuing other things in life. Semi-absentee franchises can give you an extra layer of security. See examples and discover your options. A semi-absentee franchise ownership offers the opportunity to start and run a new business while still maintaining other jobs or obligations. What is [...]

Which 3 Franchise Ownership Types Match Your Style?

Learn about the three types of franchise ownership: owner/operator, absentee, and semi-absentee. Find out which one is best suited for your style. Which of the three franchise ownership styles will be the key to your success? 3 Paths to Success Franchises are famously more successful than independent businesses in both the short and [...]

4 Books About Franchising You’ll Thank Yourself For Reading

Need a list of books about franchising that will help you become a successful franchise owner? Whether you're a beginner or experienced, we have a list for you. Books on Entrepreneurism Books on broader topics are definitely helpful, but don’t overlook the genre that is franchising-specific. At its heart, franchising is very much [...]

Franchise Broker or Consultant? How to Choose

Franchise Broker or Consultant? How to Choose Franchise brokers and consultants help educate and assist you in choosing a franchise. Learn how to choose the best consultant or broker for your needs here. How important is a franchise broker to a prospective franchisee? Like matchmakers of old, brokers are trying to find the perfect connection [...]

Franchise vs. Corporation: Pros & Cons, Difference & Similarities

Franchises are owned by franchisees and spread out across different locations. Growth is often faster and more cost-effective with franchises than corporate-owned businesses. Let’s take a look at the franchise vs. company owned dilemma. Franchises exist in nearly every realm of the business world: from restaurants to salons to home improvement concepts and beyond. [...]


In short, franchisors sell franchise ownership opportunities to prospective franchisees along with licenses to use the trademark and business model. Continue reading to learn more about the differences of being a franchisor vs franchisee. FRANCHISING 101 There are many rewards that come from choosing the right franchisor in the right industry. People have [...]

Why Millennials Make Good Franchise Business Owners

As the popularity of owning a home-based franchise continues trending up, it’s becoming increasingly clear that a new generation of franchise business owners are leaving their mark as successful franchisees. Enter the Millennials - those 75 million people born between the years of 1981-1997. Armed with a quiver full of Millennial traits that complement most, [...]