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Appliance Repair Franchises: Are They a Good Investment?

Considering an appliance repair franchise investment? Uncover the growth potential and market analysis of this industry. Learn to identify a wise investment choice. The Growth Potential of Appliance Repair Franchises The appliance repair industry is driven by the increasing reliance on household appliances. With more households using sophisticated and high-end appliances, the need for professional [...]

How to Own Multiple Franchises

Multiple-unit franchising has become a popular investment tactic in recent years. Through the combination of lower buy-in costs and opportunities for compounded financial gain, entrepreneurs are choosing to strengthen their portfolios within proven franchise systems that offer long-term growth. Owning multiple franchises can be a strong wealth-building strategy since diversification of your investment means you [...]

Master Franchisee: What It Is and How to Become One

When you enter the world of franchising, there are many strategies that a franchise brand may utilize for growth. One of the approaches is expansion with the use of a master franchisee, sometimes referred to as master franchisors, area representatives, or sub-franchisors. Franchisors either deal with franchisees directly or with the use of a master [...]

What is a Franchisee Association and Should You Join?

Should you join a franchisee association and are they actually helpful when dealing with franchising issues? Learn more about what to expect. Franchisee Associations Defined As a part of a large franchise system, franchisees may feel like they aren’t sure who to turn to when questions or concerns come up, especially if there’s an issue [...]