One of the toughest areas when starting your own business is developing the most effective marketing strategy. Today’s non-stop marketing that connects with customers and prospects 24/7 makes it hard to be heard in all the “marketing noise.” You could end up spending an inordinate amount of time just trying to figure out marketing and advertising plans to find your optimum voice in the marketplace. With Home Franchise Concepts (HFC) you are supported by a marketing team dedicated to keeping you on the cutting edge with marketing strategies and technologies and, with over 25 years of experience, we get it right!

You don’t have to be a marketing genius to be in all the right places with the right message

Comprehensive marketing strategies

With any of the HFC franchise brands—Budget Blinds®, Tailored Living®, Concrete Craft®, or AdvantaClean®—you receive the best marketing support you could have. From leave-behind printed pieces to home show displays, every element is professionally designed and market-tested for effectiveness. Coordinated national and local marketing initiatives ensure a consistent voice to a consumer wherever they connect with your brand: TV, radio, magazine ads, mailers, and local promotions. Each brand offers its franchise owners effective marketing tools and support materials to generate leads from multiple sources.

  • Brand bios, logos, and style guides maintain brand integrity.
  • National and local websites with user-friendly mobile responsiveness.
  • Online marketing portal is a one-stop marketing shop for customized advertising pieces for every local advertising need.
  • National Advertising Funds keeps advertising costs for national exposure low per owner.
  • Proven, effective social media platforms drive national and local brand awareness.
  • Initial training and “How-To” guides help franchise owners maximize their marketing efforts.
  • National contracts with commercial businesses and vendor support for large projects and multiple-location projects.

From individual product and services leave-behinds to 10-foot home show displays, your business is promoted with professional excellence

The power of national networking

In our digital world, social media is a powerful force and teaming up with influencers is a way for expanded and effort-less free “air-time.” Influencers are bloggers, designers and YouTubers who have become their own brand to a unique audience of faithful followers who engage with them in a niche they’ve carved out sharing information and building relationships. The HFC marketing team has identified multiple influential bloggers and designers who are fans of our products and services. These influencers are talking, sharing their experiences with Budget Blinds and Tailored Living across social media via blogs, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, getting HFC and its brands in front of millions of people.

  • They have established credibility with their audiences and can persuade.
  • Connects you with prospective customers that may not be on your radar.
  • Their followers who need our products and services fit nicely into the HFC brands target markets.

Influencers get the HFC brands, Budget Blinds and Tailored Living, into millions of homes for you while you just run your business

Additionally, HFC’s Heart & Home initiative aligns our brands with organizations that make a difference in people’s lives, providing additional media exposure online and even on TV. Franchise owners can give back to their local communities through coordinated national efforts that elevate all the brands as well as participating at a local level with their personal favorite charities. Examples include:

  • Providing window coverings for four Habitat for Humanity homes in Florida.
  • Partnering with HGTV’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, all four brands contributed to renovating homes for two deserving families in California.
  • Since 2014, Budget Blinds has been a corporate sponsor of Homes for Our Troops as they build and donate specially adapted, mortgage-free homes to post-9/11 severely injured Veterans.
  • HFC Home Office and individual franchise owners collect and donate clothing from individuals and businesses for Working Wardrobes, dedicated to helping people regain independence by returning to work.

Mobile marketing is more than on your phone

More than half of all internet traffic shopping is now from a mobile device (, and HFC ensures that every brand has websites primed for mobile viewing. But there’s another type of mobile advertising—branded vehicle wraps that help you promote your business as you move about your community. Whether you use a car, truck, van, or trailer in your business, HFC has designed eye-catching vehicle wraps to provide identification and contact information to anyone who sees you. Preferred vendors offer negotiated discounts due to the buying power of the extensive franchise network, ensuring quality and consistency you’d never be able to match on your own. Budget Blinds, Tailored Living, Concrete Craft, and AdvantaClean custom wraps turn your car, truck or trailer into an effective mobile marketing tool that speaks for you — 24/7/365!

  • Dining at your favorite restaurant
  • Cheering at your kids’ games
  • Leisurely shopping at the mall
  • Filling up at the gas station
  • On installation or sales calls
  • On vacation with the family
  • Parked in your driveway, while you sleep

Effortless marketing that works for you as you go about your daily routine, even when you’re not working

Relax and follow the plan to marketing excellence

As an independent franchise business owner of any of the HFC brands, Budget Blinds, Tailored Living, Concrete Craft and AdvantaClean, you can relax about needing to keep up with the latest marketing trends. Everything is in place to position you where you need to be for the most effective result with a professional Home Office marketing team dedicated to keeping you on the cutting edge. Follow the proven path for maximum exposure across all platforms for your brand and you’ll have all the marketing support you need to build a thriving franchise business.

  • Coordinated national initiatives are promoted in print, online, and on radio and TV keeping our products top of mind with consumers.
  • Relationships with Industry influencers reach expanded audiences.
  • Integrated digital marketing plans reach targeted consumers online and generate engagement.
  • Corporate websites deliver SEO-optimized content for each brand to promote products and services and drive leads to individual franchise locations.
  • Local website pages are created for each new franchise location, along with Facebook, Houzz, Pinterest, Yelp, and Google+ individual accounts/pages.
  • Automated email marketing simplifies reaching potential customers.
  • The synergy of multiple brands (1,800+ franchise owners strong) benefits everyone.

National and local websites offer online product brochures and design guides providing an interactive experience for customers

For a franchise opportunity that will take the worry out of marketing, you can’t beat the HFC family of brands! You step into an existing system with proven, dynamic marketing strategies, letting you focus on selling instead of trying to become a marketing genius. Go online to Home Franchise Concepts to learn more or call 1-800-420-5374 today and talk with a Franchise Licensing Advisor about the many benefits of owning a franchise with HFC.